Clinton Portis wears Nationals cap

ASHBURN, Va. -- Sufficiently chastened for picking the wrong week to show love for the city of Philadelphia, Clinton Portis switched headgear Friday and wore a Washington Nationals baseball cap at practice.

"Nats! Go Nats!" the Washington Redskins running back said.

Portis was making amends for the fashion faux pas he committed Thursday, when he wore a Phillies cap during his locker room interviews. That was bad timing, given that the Redskins play the Eagles on Monday night.

Portis said his misstep wasn't intentional. He simply picked out the Phillies cap because it was red, and it went with his red hoodie.

"I just had on a Texans hat. I had on a Giants hat. Who else? I had on a New York hat, so I wear a hat every day," he said. "You think I woke up, like, 'Ooo, I can't put on this hat.' It say Phillies, not Eagles. You won't ever see me with green on."

It was pointed out to Portis on Thursday that Nationals caps are red, so he could've kept his color scheme intact without resorting to the city of the enemy. He answered that he didn't own a Nationals cap.

So where did he find one?

"The Nationals sent it over," he said. "Thank you Nats."