Rookie Watch: Hernandez emerging

I love what rookie TE Aaron Hernandez brings to the Patriots' passing game.

Hernandez led New England in receiving yards in its 28-14 loss to the Jets. His 101 yards on six catches were 63 yards more than Wes Welker, who was second.

Hernandez is a Dallas Clark-type threat from his tight end spot. He is a move player who is as much wide receiver as he is traditional tight end. He can line up on the line of scrimmage in the traditional tight end spot, but he is best detached from the formation or in motion.

He's a superb route runner for a rookie tight end and has soft, secure hands. He is also exceptional after the catch. Hernandez caught every pass thrown his way this past Sunday and has a catch of 45 yards or more in both games as a pro. Hernandez is exactly the type of player who succeeds in the NFL. He is the type of player who creates mismatches in his team's favor.

Although Hernandez hasn't quite done enough to crack the top 10, he is moving up very fast.