Rookie Watch: Houston has vast ability

Oakland Raiders defensive end Lamarr Houston has flashed his vast ability with regularity throughout his rookie season. He naturally plays low with good strength. He also has very good movement skills for a man his size (6-foot-3, 305 pounds). Houston plays hard and is good in pursuit. He is a work in progress, but in his case, that should be viewed as a positive.

Houston was a defensive tackle at the University of Texas, but is playing defensive end for the Raiders right now. In time I see Houston as an upfield penetrating three-technique, base power end in the 4-3 and also as an end in the 3-4. That sounds a little like his teammate, Richard Seymour. And who is a better player to learn such things from than Seymour?

I'm not suggesting that Houston will be a future Hall of Famer like Seymour, and their skill sets are obviously quite dissimilar. Houston is noticeably shorter than the 6-6 Seymour, but is a natural leverage player and has long arms. He also doesn't see a lot of time on passing downs, but as his pass-rush arsenal improves, I expect that to change.

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