Celeb Super Bowl picks: Edge to NY

Editor's note: Since 1986, our friends at Scripps Howard News Service have spanned the globe to get Super Bowl picks from some of today's biggest names. And some of yesterday's. The winner gets the Scripps Howard Super Sage Award trophy.

We've got 25 of their top picks below -- well, 24 and one Academy Award-nominated actor who just couldn't decide. Included is last year's winner, Ted Giannoulas, better known as the San Diego Chicken, who liked the New York Giants 34-26. Last year, he said Green Bay would beat Pittsburgh 31-26; the final score was 31-25. Only twice -- Martina Navratilova in 1998 and Dennis Farina in 2005 -- has the winner gotten the score exactly right.

For more celebrity selections, check out the complete list from Scripps Howard. The list is 115 names long -- 60 going for the Giants, 50 for the New England Patriots, and five who just can't bear to make a selection.