Harbaugh brothers consider dinner

NEW ORLEANS -- A Harbaugh family reunion could take place before the Super Bowl.

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh said there is a possibility that he and his brother, Jim, will get together for dinner Wednesday night.

This is the first time brothers will compete in a postseason game as head coaches in any of the four major pro sports in the United States.

"There is some talk about a potential dinner at some point in time," John Harbaugh said during Tuesday's media day. "We'll have to see where we're at work-wise."

The brothers texted last week but they did finally talk Monday about hotels and tickets for the Super Bowl.

John Harbaugh said, "It would be easier in a lot of ways" if he wasn't coaching against his brother in the Super Bowl, but "the fact that he's on the other side, I think that's what makes it great. It just really makes it special. It's a perfect crossroads for us."