Sampling the Super Celebrity picks

Editor's note: Since 1986, our friends at Scripps Howard News Service have spanned the globe to get Super Bowl picks from political, sports, television and entertainment celebrities. The winner gets the Scripps Howard Super Sage Award trophy -- won last year by Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander.

We've got a sampling of their top picks below. The majority of the 115 people sampled by Scripps Howard like the 49ers to win Super Bowl XLVII.

SCOTT ADAMS, cartoonist, "Dilbert": 49ers, 49-nevermore. As always, I make my picks based on the names of the teams. I predict that San Francisco will win by a score of 49 to nevermore. I'll let you know where to send that trophy after I win.

MALLORY HAGAN, Miss America: Ravens, 24-14.

LADY ANTEBELLUM, musical group: Ravens, 30-27.

SHANE BATTIER, basketball player, Miami Heat: 49ers, 27-20. No one has figured out the read-option offense from the pistol formation of the 49ers since Colin Kaepernick has taken over, and I don't think the Ravens are fast enough defensively to do it in the Super Bowl. Flacco has been great in this playoff run, but I think the Niners' offensive line controls the game, and the Ravens score a late touchdown to make the game closer than it appears.

ANDREW DICE CLAY, comedian: 49ers, 33-27. I am going with the 49ers, but I think it is going to be a close game. As for why I'm picking San Francisco, I think the name "49ers" sounds a little dirty -- oooh!

MARK CUBAN, owner, Dallas Mavericks: 49ers, 28-16. Because I hate the Ravens, just like every kid from Pittsburgh does.

KIM DICKENS, actress, "Treme": 49ers, 35-17. I became a huge Saints fan. We were here in New Orleans the day they won the Super Bowl (in Miami in January 2010). Everybody ran into the streets. The city was elevated above sea level. ... The city needed it for its resurrection.

JENNIE FINCH, Olympic softball star: 49ers, 35-30. I think the mobility of 49ers quarterback Kaepernick will beat out the long-ball threat of Joe Flacco. Besides, I'm a California girl, so I have to go with the home team.

TED GIANNOULAS, San Diego chicken; 2011 Super Sage Award winner: 49ers, 38-29. Sorry, Ravens; my bird brain says Niners win. ... Kaepernick is a confounding difference-maker. His offensive line also has the brawn and brains to grind down Baltimore's defense, which has faced more than 250 snaps in the playoffs.

EVAN HANDLER, actor, "Californication," "Sex and the City": Ravens, 12-6. I have a 5-year-old daughter, so I've stopped following sports, so I don't even know who's playing. Um, well, at least go with the East Coast, I guess. The Ravens. Score? I haven't got a clue. ... My daughter just turned 6. So maybe when she turns 12, I'll start following sports again. 12-6. There you go.

JOAN JETT, musician; has picked the last seven Super Bowl winners: Ravens, 31-28.

JIMMIE JOHNSON, NASCAR driver: 49ers, 21-17: Being from San Diego, I rooted for the Chargers growing up, but I guess I'll go with the 49ers since they are from California, too. I think it's going to be a close game, though. With this being Ray Lewis' last game, I think the Ravens are going to make it tough.

JOE MADDON, Tampa Bay Rays manager: 49ers , 31-14. Kaepernick's athleticism outplays Flacco. Both defenses are good. Only concern is 49ers kicker (David) Akers in closer game -- that can make the Ravens the winner.

MIKE MALININ, musician, Goo Goo Dolls: Ravens, 17-14. I'm hoping the Ravens are going to win.

MOSES MALONE, Basketball Hall of Famer: 49ers, 28-16. Because of the speed on that team, the best way to go out is win the big one.

BRANFORD MARSALIS, musician: Ravens, 27-14. My pick will be the Ravens. I think they have consistently played well on both sides of the ball, and Ray Lewis' retirement has them playing with even more energy. Joe Flacco is playing for his contract, making for even more focus. The 49ers are a great team, but I think this will be the best defense they have faced all year.

EDGAR MARTINEZ, Seattle Mariners legend: Ravens, 20-14. Both quarterbacks and defense are good, but Flacco is too cool to lose.

J.R. MARTINEZ, actor; "Dancing With the Stars" season 13 winner: 49ers, 28-14. It's going to be a tough game. I would like the Ravens to win so Ray Lewis can have a legendary ending to an amazing career. However, the young Kaepernick should be one of the major threats to making it a sour ending. I believe the 49ers have an edge; therefore, I predict they will win.

JERRY MATHERS, Beaver on "Leave it to Beaver": 49ers, 24-20. Both teams have excellent defense, but the game won't be decided by them. Kaepernick is explosive with his feet and arms, and Flacco is a great deep ball passer. A big play by one of these guys could break the game open.

JACK NICKLAUS, Hall of Fame golfer: Ravens, 24-21. It really is a toss-up game, but being a longtime AFC fan, I will go with Baltimore. Plus, I believe the Ravens have more players from the state of Florida. Living in Florida, that gives me another reason to root for them.

BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY, TV host: Ravens, 31-24. The Ravens are more explosive; they pass more. They hit a little harder than the 49ers; they will create a couple of big plays on both sides of the ball.

JEFFREY OSBORNE, musician: 49ers, 28-21. The 49ers have a more explosive offense, and both defenses are very physical. I like Kaepernick over Flacco because of his ability to scramble.

ARNOLD PALMER, Hall of Fame golfer; 2003 Super Sage Award winner: Ravens, 28-17. Baltimore has a pretty good defense.

DANICA PATRICK, race car driver: Ravens 34-24. Going to be an exciting game. ... I'm going to be pulling for the Ravens since GoDaddy's founder, Bob Parsons, is from Baltimore, and it's always fun to pull for a team that you have a personal connection with!

ALY RAISMAN, Olympic gymnast: 49ers, 31-28. I don't root for anyone that beats the Patriots, which both teams did, but I think it will be a close game!

JACKSON RATHBONE, actor, "Twilight": 49ers, 31-24. The reason behind the prediction is the emergence of Kaepernick. He's on fire right now and he looks like early Tom Brady when he won his first Super Bowl. ... He is the next big deal in the NFL, and we are watching the beginning of his emergence as an elite quarterback in the league.

ALISON SWEENEY, host, "The Biggest Loser": 49ers, 31-27. As a California native, I have to go with the 49ers. ... I'm thinking it'll be a high-scoring nail-biter.

DONALD TRUMP, businessman; host, "The Apprentice": 49ers, 24-21. Great defense.

ROBERT VAN WINKLE, rapper Vanilla Ice: Ravens, 31-28. They've already beat the two biggest offenses in the league, Denver and New England. The score will be close.

JUSTIN VERLANDER, Detroit Tigers (Cy Young Award winner); 2012 Super Sage Award winner: Ravens, 17-10.

JIMMY WALKER, actor, "Good Times": Ravens, 31-26. Well, since I picked the Ravens at the beginning of the year, I gotta stick with the Ravens.

BOB WEIR, guitarist, the Grateful Dead; 2004 Super Sage Award winner: 49ers, 38-27.

ADAM WEST, actor, "Batman": 49ers, 24-21. This may be West Coast wishful thinking, but I think it'll finish 24-21 in favor of the Niners. But they've gotta get down and dirtier this game. The Ravens will. San Francisco's QB is looking gruesomely good. Protect that pocket.

BARRY WILLIAMS, Greg Brady in "The Brady Bunch": 49ers, 31-17. The sentimental favorite is Baltimore because of retiring linebacker Ray Lewis. The odds are San Fran will win because of the legs and arm of QB Kaepernick.

Compiled from research by Lindsey Wray, Bill Straub, Mike Kerr, Ann Sharpsteen, SHNS staff and Scripps Howard Foundation interns Jasmine Aguilera, Eddie Ameh, Ian Kullgren, Jess Miller, Matt Nelson, Amy Slanchik and Amer Taleb.