Obama: Focus on youth/college game

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama says the threat of concussions for football players mean that everything possible should be done to improve their safety -- especially players from youth football leagues through college.

He said in an interview on CBS during Sunday's Super Bowl pregame show that he's not as worried about pro football players, because they are adults who know the risks and are well compensated.

Obama, who has two daughters, reiterated his position that, if he had a son, he would have to think about whether he would let him play football.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who also has two daughters, said on CBS' "Face the Nation" earlier Sunday that he would "absolutely" want his own child to play football. He emphasized that the NFL is funding research to learn more about the risks and changing rules to make the game safer.

The president, who says he's a big fan, added that the game is likely to evolve and some players and fans may be frustrated. But he's glad there is extensive research under way to learn more about concussions.