Marshawn Lynch may avoid paying

RENTON, Wash. -- NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is incorrect is stating that he won an appeal with the league over his $50,000 fine for not speaking to the media this season.

Lynch wrote on his Facebook page Wednesday that he won an appeal.

"Ray Anderson [NFL vice president of football operations] heard the appeal and decided to hold to 50K in abeyance for now after Lynch committed to complying with league policy," Aiello said. "It's with the understanding that any further violation will result in the 50 [thousand dollars] being collected and a minimum fine of 50 [thousand dollars] more being assessed."

Lynch is expected to speak with reporters on a weekly basis as long as Seattle remains in the playoffs. Seahawks team officials said Lynch will talk to reporters after Thursday's practice.

Lynch had not spoken to reporters this season until last Friday, after he was fined by the league.

Seahawks fans started a fund to help pay Lynch's fine. More than $17,000 had been raised by 4 p.m. PT on Wednesday. Lynch stated on Facebook that he would match whatever amount was given and donate it all to a local Seattle charity.

"To all the 12s, I appreciate your support," he said on Facebook. "Wanted you to now I appealed the fine and won, but I'm still going to match all donations made. Thanks to Loren Summers for starting the site (at www.gofundme.com). We've talked, and after the deadline, even if $50K isn't met and all contributions are given back, I'll donate the matched total anyway."