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Silver And Back
After a 19-year absence, the Raiders are finally back in the Super Bowl. Rich Gannon threw 3 touchdown passes and ran for a score as Oakland defeated the Titans 41-24 to advance to Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego. The Raiders will test their pass-oriented offense against former coach Jon Gruden and the Bucs.
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  • Super Bowl XXXVII between the Raiders and the Buccaneers should be a classic.
    TJ's Take
    Oakland's Rich Gannon and Tampa Bay's Ronde Barber helped their teams earn Super Bowl berths.

    The number in parentheses indicates the team's NFL rank.
    Key: Titans Raiders

    Total Offense
      329.5  (17)
     389.8  (1)
    Scoring Offense
      22.9  (13)
     28.1  (2)
    Passing Offense
      215.1  (21)
     293.1  (1)
    Rushing Offense
     122.0  (11)
      110.1  (18)
    Total Defense
     310.3  (10)
      311.2  (11)
    Scoring Defense
      20.3  (11)
     19.0  (6)
    Passing Defense
      221.3  (25)
     220.4  (23)
    Rushing Defense
     89.0  (2)
      90.8  (3)
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    LeRoy ButlerBoth teams are very physical. All week, it's going to be a great story for the media to cover. Jon Gruden playing against his former team and a rookie coach going all the way to the Super Bowl, which hasn't been done a whole lot. At the same time, Al Davis is going against the guy who he traded to Tampa. You can say that the trade was good for Tampa because the Bucs got the guy they wanted, but if you look at Davis, he got two first rounders, two second rounders, $8 million and still went to the Super Bowl, so I think he came out the best on this and he has less pressure to win than Gruden. … Oakland runs a lot of different formations, a lot of crossing patterns and a lot of down the field play-action stuff. Tampa's defense runs a lot of combination coverage -- "Cover 2" to one side, "Cover 1" to one side, zone, different man combinations. That's the kind of defense that neutralizes Oakland. When they find teams in a lot of "Cover 2," and can rush just four guys and not blitz and get good pressure, that gives Oakland problems. I can see Jerry Rice and Tim Brown running a lot of crossing patterns, but Tampa is very good when it comes to playing crossing routes because there is always a guy in the slot there to welcome them home.
    ESPN's LeRoy Butler
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