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Tuesday, February 3
Fleming: Don't believe the hype

Forget Janet Jackson. The real highlights of the weekend were the Playboy party and the game's exciting finish.

Monday, February 2
Pasquarelli: Brady focused on 'the next one'

Tom Brady has two Super Bowl MVP awards in three years. And he says he's not satisfied.
Pasquarelli: Patriot days look promising
New England has most of its players coming back as it seeks back-to-back titles.
Clayton: Panthers have decisions to make
After falling just short of a Super Bowl title, the Panthers have 17 potential free agents to deal with.
Super streaker: 'I blew the roof off that stadium'
Mark Roberts faces a charge of criminal trespassing and public intoxication after streaking during halftime of Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Sunday, February 1
Pasquarelli: The money man

Behind a strong offensive line, Tom Brady once again showed that he is at his best in the clutch.
Pasquarelli: Just for kicks
After two early misses, Adam Vinatieri came back and booted the Patriots to the Super Bowl.
Clayton: Super clutch
The Patriots weren't perfect, but their Super Bowl-winning 15th straight victory places them in elite company.
Garber: Close but ...
The last-second good fortune that had existed all season for the Panthers finally ran out in Super Bowl XXXVIII.
Garber: Delhomme shines
Jake Delhomme came through for the Panthers, but in the end it wasn't enough.
Theismann: Super Bowl Highlights
ESPN analyst Joe Theismann highlights moments from Super Bowl XXXVIII.
Flubbed kickoff, not field goal, decisive
Kicker John Kasay gave the New England Patriots something they certainly didn't need: an assist.
TJ's Take on Super Bowl XXXVIII
With so many draft choices this April, the Patriots have the look of a team that may beat the odds of free agency.
Quarter flash
The normally defensive Patriots and Panthers went on the offensive in a record fourth quarter.
Brady adds another win, trophy to collection
Tom Brady is getting quite a collection of playoff wins and Super Bowl MVP trophies. Pre-game notebook
Check out's live, pre-game notebook from Houston's Reliant Stadium.
One killed in Boston's Patriots celebration
New England Patriots fans turned rowdy after their team's Super Bowl victory, overturning cars and lighting small fires as thousands swarmed the streets. One person was killed when an alleged drunken driver backed into a crowd.

Saturday, January 31
Clayton: Five keys to Panthers win

Efficient play from QB Jake Delhomme and sacking Tom Brady are among the keys to Carolina upsetting New England.
Pasquarelli: Five keys to Pats win
The running of Antowain Smith and defense of Rodney Harrison are among the reasons New England will beat Carolina.
Clayton: First ... And Goal
After 20 weeks of football, it comes down to the Panthers and Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

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Friday, January 30
Pasquarelli: Common bounds

Opponents who played both the Panthers and Patriots in the regular season break down the Super Bowl foes.
Clayton: Maximizing weaknesses
The Panthers think they can run on the Patriots, while New England will try to force Jake Delhomme into mistakes.
Tough cell: Tagliabue wants to cut NFL trash
Paul Tagliabue has a powerful message for NFL players when they get to the end zone: Stash that cell phone.
Fleming: Wild week
The Panthers are enjoying the hectic pace of Super Bowl week. Plus other thoughts from Houston.
Tagliabue sees no problem with officiating
Though numbers suggest otherwise, commissioner Paul Tagliabue suggests that the officiating hasn't changed in the playoffs.
Ticket prices starting to fall
The cost of Super Bowl tickets is dropping and should continue to fall as the game draws closer.
Garber: Trouble in paradise
That coveted trip to the Super Bowl has resulted in scandal and shame for some of the game's past participants.
Houston, we have radio contact
Hear ESPNRadio's Super Bowl interviews with Patriots, Panthers; see predictions; read quotes
Game Plans: Panthers at Patriots
Sean Salisbury and Ron Jaworski go inside the game plans for the Panthers and Patriots.
Clayton: Bittersweet
The Patriots' postseason success hurt Romeo Crennel's and Charlie Weis' chances at getting a head coaching job.
Theismann: Two coaches, one goal
ESPN analyst Joe Theismann breaks down the coaching matchups of Super Bowl XXXVIII.
Garber: Paying the price
Earl Campbell was the greatest player in Houston Oilers' history. But that greatness took its toll.
ESPN experts' picks for Super Bowl XXXVIII
Panthers? Patriots? Our NFL analysts tell you who's going to win Super Bowl XXXVIII and why.
Chat wrap: Bill Simmons
Did you miss The Sports Guy's Super Bowl chat? No problem. Check out the full transcript.
Talk Super Bowl in The Show!
Buzzmaster was joined by Patrick Ramsay, David Boston, Corey Chavous, and more on Friday.

Thursday, January 29
Clayton: Mr. Clutch

Even though Adam Vinatieri missed nine FGs this season, he was still a sure thing in crucial situations.
Pasquarelli: Attention to details
Panthers and Pats coaches have emphasized that the smallest oversight on special teams can be a difference-maker.
Hochuli to referee his second Super Bowl
Ed Hochuli will referee Sunday's Super Bowl between New England and Carolina.
Theismann: Super Bowl special teams
ESPN analyst Joe Theismann breaks down the special teams of the Panthers and Patriots.
Madden: Super Bowl Viewer's Guide
Contrary to speculation of a dull contest, John Madden expects a great game between the Panthers and Patriots.
Ratto: Playing it Smart
The former XFLer with the novel nickname hopes to make a new name for himself in the Super Bowl.
Flip Cards
Check out Merril Hoge's breakdown of all the starters in Sunday's game.
Scouts, Inc.: Don't overlook Panthers' D-line
A quality six-man rotation keeps Carolina's front line fresh. Plus, what Jake Delhomme needs to look for.
Mueller: Will key be something special?
Both the Patriots and Panthers excel on special teams, with the lone exception being the punting game.
Talk Super Bowl in The Show!
Buzzmaster was joined by Dion Rich, the world's greatest gate crasher, Mark Schlereth, Andrea Kremer and more on Thursday.

Wednesday, January 28
Clayton: Defensive plans

Bill Belichick and John Fox use different methods, but the results are the same -- good defense.
Pasquarelli: Making a name
Carolina's defensive backs might be unknown now, but they won't be if they win on Sunday.
Bruschi listed as probable, expects to play
Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi was listed as probable Wednesday on the first injury report of Super Bowl week.
Ticket prices not dropping yet
Fans hoping for a better deal on Super Bowl tickets may have to wait awhile.
Schlereth: Pats difficult to defend
ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth talks about the difficulties of defending the Patriots defense.
Scouts, Inc.: Defensive difference-makers
Richard Seymour and Kris Jenkins are dominating players who force opposing offenses to adjust.
Pasquarelli: Nasty boys
The Patriots secondary has spent the season pummeling receivers and beating them into submission.
Theismann: Tough defenses ready to dominate
ESPN analyst Joe Theismann breaks down the defenses of the Panthers and Patriots.
Talk Super Bowl in The Show!
Buzzmaster chatted it up with Super Bowl XXX MVP Larry Brown, Sports Illustrated's Rick Reilly and more on Wednesday.
Super payoff may await Delhomme
If the Panthers win the Super Bowl, Jake Delhomme could get advertising deals much like Kurt Warner did.

Tuesday, January 27
Pasquarelli: Cajun magic

Jake Delhomme's confidence and poise are a big reason the Panthers are in the Super Bowl.
Scouts, Inc.: Delhomme keeps it simple
Don't count on Carolina QB Jake Delhomme being baffled by a bizarre Bill Belichick brainstorm on defense.
Pasquarelli: Getting it done
Jake Delhomme and Tom Brady might not win a beauty pageant, but they manage the game well and win.
Garber: Idol worship
Tom Brady grew up idolizing Joe Montana and now the Patriots' quarterback is being compared to him.
Mueller: Earning their keep
Many recent Super Bowl QBs developed while holding a clipboard or honing their skills somewhere else. Live at Media Day
Check out's live, interactive notebook from Houston's Reliant Stadium.
Garber: Little flash, plenty of possibilities
It isn't always pretty. It isn't always popular. But the Super Bowl matches two remarkable 'teams.'
Theismann: Brady, Delhomme: Perfect Complements
ESPN analyst Joe Theismann breaks down Super Bowl quarterbacks Tom Brady and Jake Delhomme.
Talk Super Bowl in The Show!
Buzzmaster was joined by former GM Randy Mueller and Gary Horton of Scouts, Inc. on Tuesday.

Monday, January 26
Pasquarelli: Collision course

Key newcomers Stephen Davis and Rodney Harrison are expected to butt heads often on Super Bowl Sunday.
Pasquarelli: Guessing game
The Panthers offensive line will be challenged to figure out New England's various defensive looks and schemes.
Clayton: New and improved
After being on opposite ends of the spectrum in 2001, the Panthers and Pats have remade themselves into Super Bowl teams.
Garber: Dangerous game
Today's bigger, stronger and faster players are paying a heavy price for the ever-increasing violence on the field.
Talk Super Bowl in The Show!
See what Buzzmaster, Randy Mueller and Scouts, Inc. had to say Monday live from Houston!
Chat wrap: Joe Theismann
Can the Panthers get in Tom Brady's face? Joe Theismann gave his take on Monday from Houston.
Houston opens Super Bowl week with a gala
Some of the brightest stars in Houston sports history turned out Monday night to mix and mingle in a first-of-its-kind opening ceremony to kick off Super Bowl week.
Still kicking: Kasay just keeps coming back
The Carolina Panthers are in the Super Bowl for the first time in their nine-year history, and kicker John Kasay, the last original player left, is a key reason why.

Sunday, January 25
Pasquarelli: Bargain basement

The Panthers' and Patriots' rosters are filled with impact players not commanding high salaries this season.
Pasquarelli: 'Ring' of legitimacy
When three Panthers wore their Super Bowl rings Sunday, it was as if they sought to bring a ring of legitimacy to their upset chances.
2003 Super salaries
Here is a look at the payrolls of Carolina and New England, with players listed according to total 2003 compensation.
Touchdown: Pats, Panthers arrive
The Patriots and Panthers head to Houston on Sunday for next weekend's Super Bowl.

Friday, January 23
Did you know?

Thirty-eight facts that you need to know heading into Super Bowl XXXVIII.
Pasquarelli: Working together
The Panthers and Patriots have been helped by how well their coaches and front offices work together.
Clayton: Copycats
Teams will be closely studying the Super Bowl to see what they can learn from the Panthers and Patriots.
Scouts, Inc.: Pats' offense always unpredictable
Bill Belichick is famous for his defensive wizardry, but New England's offense schemes with the best of them, too.

Thursday, January 22
Raise the roof! NFL wants outdoor Bowl

Ten of the previous 37 Super Bowls have been indoors. The next one could be indoors, outdoors, or both.
Bruschi improving... but that's all Pats will say
Tedy Bruschi's injured right leg had improved Thursday, but secrecy surrounded the Super Bowl status of the Patriots linebacker.
Page 2's 100 Greatest Super Bowl Moments
From No. 100 to No. 1, we present all the great plays, spectacular touchdowns and strange moments in Super Bowl history.
Pasquarelli: Most Super moments's Len Pasquarelli lists his top 10 most memorable Super Bowl moments.
Clayton: Most Super moments's John Clayton lists his top 10 most memorable Super Bowl moments.

Wednesday, January 21
Pasquarelli: TMI: Too much info?

The Panthers and Patriots must avoid over-analyzing game plans with an extra week before the Super Bowl.
Wiley: Uncensored NFL thought balloons
Page 2's Ralph Wiley goes inside the minds of the NFL after two of its quarterbacks got killed.
Super simulation: Panthers win simulated Super Bowl XXXVIII and the Panthers came out on top.
Neel: A Super waste
If you tune in to a pre-Super Bowl press conference, beware, says Page 2's Eric Neel -- reporters can't ask what they really want to.

Tuesday, January 20
Fleming: Heart and soul

The Panthers -- and Charlotte -- have gone through a lot, but the franchise has shown heart in its recovery.
Mort: Random thoughts as Super Bowl nears
Mort has a few random thoughts about the Super Bowl and other topics.
Scouts, Inc.: Pats will force Panthers to pass
Carolina will find it hard to run against New England, and that could tilt Super Bowl momentum to the Pats.
The List: Greatest NFL playoff QBs
With Tom Brady reaching his second Super Bowl, we decided to list the greatest playoff quarterbacks of the Super Bowl era.
Down Shift
Inside or outside, Pats D-lineman Richard Seymour wreaks havoc in the trenches.
Six Pack
Carolina's dominant D-Line keeps pounding NFL celebrities. Is Tom Brady next?

Monday, January 19
Allen: Countdown to Houston

Eric Allen gives his take on which cornerback is playing better right now and who will win Super Bowl XXXVIII.
Morning After: Grounded Eagles
The Eagles could look very different next season, while the Panthers' success should pay off for John Fox.

Sunday, January 18
Clayton: Super plotlines

Two years ago New England was the underdog in the Super Bowl. Now it's Carolina's turn.
Pasquarelli: Mad scientist
Patriots coach Bill Belichick has once again proven why he is the premier defensive strategist of his generation.
Clayton: 'Man' among boys
Ricky Manning Jr. talked trashed about the Eagles WRs last week and backed it up with 3 INTs on Sunday.
Pasquarelli: Short-sighted
While his future with the Pats in 2004 is uncertain, CB Ty Law prefers to focus on another Super Bowl berth.
Wickersham: Getting it done
With players like Antowain Smith and Tom Brady, the Patriots might not win pretty, but they win.