Turning points of SB XXXIX

The experts of ESPN discussed the turning point of Super Bowl XXXIX:

Tom Jackson

The turning point was when Tom Brady was able to consistently sit back in the pocket with time on his hands to make throws. The Eagles realized coming into this game that they would have to find a way to get pressure on him to thwart this offensive attack. They weren't able to get sufficient pressure with their front four so they started blitzing, but the excellent play of the tight ends and running backs stopped them from getting to Brady. That enabled him to pick apart the Eagles and complete 23-of-33 passes against them.

Randy Mueller

The game was somewhat in doubt until the end, but it was decided long before the final gun. From the middle of the second quarter on, the Patriots' offensive and defensive lines controlled the play at the point of attack on both sides of the ball.
I thought they created a new line of scrimmage by getting push into the Eagles' backfield when the Eagles had the ball. And the Patriots established a new line of scrimmage two yards behind the Eagles' defensive line when using a pounding running game with backs Corey Dillon and Kevin Faulk. This was done at the critical part of game when the Eagles actually had some momentum.

Joe Theismann

The turning point of this game was linebacker Tedy Bruschi's interception of Donovan McNabb's pass in the fourth quarter. The Eagles were starting to regain momentum and looked as if they would be able to drive down and possibly score when McNabb made a boneheaded throw and Bruschi was able to take advantage. That seemed to be the nature of McNabb's game today. Whenever the Eagles seemed poised to gain some momentum, McNabb would make a poor throw and that eventually cost his team a chance to win the game.

Eric Allen

The turning point in the game was early when the Eagles caught a break after Donovan McNabb threw an interception to Asante Samuel that was overturned because of a Patriots penalty. This gave the Eagles an excellent opportunity to take advantage deep in Patriots territory and possibly come away with some points. Instead McNabb threw an interception on the very next play and wasted an opportunity. That seemed to be the way the game went for the Eagles as they consistently squandered opportunities.

Steve Young

The turning point of this game came at halftime when it was only 7-7. The Eagles repeatedly squandered opportunities to take advantage of a Patriots team that was clearly not playing well. We all knew that the Patriots wouldn't continue to play poorly so it was imperative for the Eagles to jump on them while they could. Instead the Eagles kept the Pats in the game with equally poor play and let the Pats regain the momentum and their composure. The Eagles very easily could've won this game, but they had to take advantage early if they wanted a chance.