Five minutes with Dominic Rhodes

Editor's note: Graham Bensinger will talk to Colts running back Dominic Rhodes for five minutes every day during Super Bowl week to get his thoughts leading up to the big game.

Graham Bensinger: How's Miami been treating you?

Dominic Rhodes: Miami is real good, man. It's been an awesome experience. It's my first time really being here. Last time I was here, it was for a game and I really couldn't get out and do much. Now, I'm here and get a chance to see the scenery every day. It's an awesome place to be!

Bensinger: What have you gotten a chance to see?

Rhodes: Man, I've been on South Beach, been to a couple clubs, just doing a young man's thing out here. This is a city of fun, man. I've done a lot of fun things.

Bensinger: You always hear people talk about how there are so many distractions during Super Bowl week. You're obviously having fun. How do you allow yourself to do so without taking it too far?

Rhodes: It's all about being a professional, man. We've been given this opportunity. We've been blessed with this opportunity. We all know what we have to do. You need to be professional in every situation. You have to know the difference between having fun and being over-excessive with it and getting out of control. In the end, the task is to win the Super Bowl and play a great game.

Bensinger: Before media day, what did you expect the day would be like?

Rhodes: I didn't know what to expect. You see the guys on TV doing it, but you only see people talking and doing their one little interview with somebody. You don't know that you're going to be bombarded the whole 60 minutes that you're out there. People are walking up to you the entire time. They're asking you questions back and forth. It's an overwhelming experience. It's crazy!

Bensinger: A good crazy?

Rhodes: I'm taking all this that we're doing now and having fun with it. We're young men and not a lot of people get to have this experience.

Bensinger: You're in Miami because of the improbable comeback against the Patriots. How was the AFC Championship Game?

Rhodes: We persevered, showed that we're a team, and can fight through anything. As long as we ended up on top, I had a lot of fun!

Bensinger: When the Colts are down 21-3 before halftime, what's going through your head?

Rhodes: We still got a lot of football left. If we can go out and play the way we're capable of playing, we can win this game. When we went in for halftime, that's all we talked about. When we went back out on the field, we put up the points we needed to win the game.

Bensinger: What do you recall from the interception that Tom Brady threw with 24 seconds left?

Rhodes: We're going to the Super Bowl! I was just like, "This is crazy, man!" The whole year flashed by. You realize that all the work was for the good and that we don't have to start all over again yet.

Bensinger: What did Tony Dungy say following the game?

Rhodes: You know what -- I didn't even make it inside! I was still out there on the field so I don't know what he said!

I'm pretty sure it was something like, "You guys played like a team. We were down, but you stuck together. We did what we do and we came back and won."

Bensinger: There's two weeks between the AFC Championship Game and the Super Bowl. What's the extra week between games like for you?

Rhodes: It's been pretty good, man. You get a chance to get away from it a little bit. You can just chill out and not really be on the football scene. I was able to get my motor running again. I'm not tired anymore. I'm ready to get to Wednesday's practice and give it everything I got.

Bensinger: To what extent does it almost make you a little antsy though?

Rhodes: Man, I try to control that. The closer it gets, the antsier I get. I try not to think about it so much, but when you're riding around Miami and you see Super Bowl XLI everywhere you're kind of like, "Man, I can't wait for this game to get here so we can go ahead and get it on!" I know I'm going to get more and more antsy as the week goes on, but I'm going to try and control it as much as possible.

Bensinger: How's practice been?

Rhodes: We only practiced on Monday and it was a little, short, walk-through type practice. We didn't do much. For me, it's going to be the same as always. I'm just going to get out there, concentrate, try to do everything right, and make all my plays in practice that I hope to make in the game.

Bensinger: I would imagine it's a little nicer being able to practice in the Miami heat as opposed to being up there in Indy?

Rhodes: Oh, yeah! Honestly, man, anything is better than being in that cold weather. I'm from Texas and I hate cold weather! Being down here, I couldn't ask for a better script.

Graham Bensinger is a regular contributor to ESPN.com. Visit his Web site at: TheGBShow.com. You can e-mail him at graham@thegbshow.com