Originally Published: September 2, 2010
James Lang/US Presswire JOHN CLAYTON QB RANKING (20): David Garrard sometimes struggles with accuracy, but he offers good leadership and the ability to complete 60 percent of his passes.

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Five things you need to know about the Jaguars:

1. The defensive line will be a tone setter: Joe Cullen's chance to resurrect his career as the Jaguars' defensive line coach comes with a determination that a revived pass rush will establish a standard for everyone. We don't yet know whether Aaron Kampman is the same player from before his knee injury or whether the high draft picks, starting with Tyson Alualu, can deliver as rookies. But this group will produce a better pass rush and always provide a lot of energy.

2. Mike Thomas will be dangerous: He's not ideal as the No. 2 wideout. A bigger, faster guy like Troy Williamson who can threaten downfield more would be better. But whether Thomas is the slot guy or a starter in the base offense, he can be electric with the ball in his hands and I expect offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter to get it there often. Get him in space on short routes or end-arounds, and watch for him to break some tackles and run away from some people.

3. The safeties are a huge question mark: Reggie Nelson wasn't back to form, and he was traded to Cincinnati. Right now the starting pairing would come from Anthony Smith, Sean Considine, Tyron Brackenridge and Courtney Greene. Peyton Manning and Matt Schaub will be eager to test center field against this defensive backfield.

4. Running right: I liked when the Jaguars flipped Vince Manuwai to right guard to create a strong run side. Manuwai and right tackle Eben Britton can be great run-blockers. Sending Maurice Jones-Drew to the right behind them, Marcedes Lewis and Greg Jones, and daring defenses to stop him seems a smart element to the run game. But Manuwai has not been the same player he was before a serious knee injury at the start of 2008. The interior line remains in flux.

5. Garrard and Del Rio watch: Even if David Garrard plays well, I expect the Jaguars to be drafting a quarterback in the first round in the spring. He will be 33 and has played enough that the Jaguars know his ceiling. The franchise needs more upside at the spot. And this is a final chance for Del Rio to prove he deserves to grow his tenure. A poor season, and there will be a lot of pressure to make a change. Owner Wayne Weaver can't let fans dictate what he does, but if it's a bad season he might need to make a move to appease his most loyal people and to keep interest up with an offseason storyline.

-- Paul Kuharsky, ESPN.com

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