Originally Published: September 2, 2010
Nick Laham/Getty Images JOHN CLAYTON QB RANKING (24): Kevin Kolb is entering his fourth season, and his first as the Eagles' starting quarterback. Kolb has completed 60.8 percent of his passes in limited action.

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Five things you need to know about the Eagles:

1. Jeremy Maclin will put up bigger numbers than DeSean Jackson this season: I have a feeling Jackson will respond to this statement via Twitter, his favorite medium. He'll still be a huge dual threat when you consider the return game, but Maclin's about to go off in 2010. He and Kevin Kolb have tremendous chemistry. Kolb has the good sense to hit these guys in stride and let them break off 40 to 50 yards at a time. He also has a similar relationship with tight end Brent Celek to what Tony Romo has with Jason Wittten. Not sure if they draw up plays in hotel rooms (as Romo and Witten were famously accused of), but Kolb knows how to find Celek in the red zone.

2. Ernie Sims was one of the most underrated acquisitions of the offseason: He wasn't a good fit for Jim Schwartz's offense, but he'll do just fine for Sean McDermott. He's a relentless player who helps bring some much-needed nastiness. He's also capable of staying with running backs and tight ends in coverage. The return of Stewart Bradley will solidify what was a really subpar group last season. And watch for McDermott to run a little 3-4 look every now and then. I think the young defensive coordinator has a lot more confidence heading into this season, in part because he has better players.

3. Andy Reid's not nervous about Kolb starting because he's watched every practice snap the kid has ever taken: There's a huge comfort level because Reid loves Kolb's approach. He's had the respect of his teammates ever since he showed up on campus, so there's not as big of a transition as folks might think. Reid thinks Kolb has the perfect temperament for playing this position in Philly, and I think he's right. Sort of a flat-line type personality that he'll need once the local talk shows respond to a three-interception game.

4. I'd be worried about depth at running back: LeSean McCoy should have a big season, but I'm not sure Mike Bell is an adequate backup. I liked his work with the Saints, but he has been hurt during camp. If Eldra Buckley becomes the primary backup, that's an issue. I realize Leonard Weaver is a pretty effective runner, but anything more than six to seven carries for him is too much. But then, it's not as if Andy Reid is known for sticking with the running game. Maybe the Eagles will be a little better in the short-yardage game once Jamaal Jackson returns at center. I know the return of Todd Herremans at left guard will help things.

5. I don't trust Stacy Andrews at right guard: And neither apparently do the Eagles, who traded him to Seattle on Saturday. It looks like Nick Cole will take over until Reggie Wells is ready. Andrews got dominated at the line of scrimmage. Offensive line coach Juan Castillo told me in the offseason that Andrews was going to be really good this season.

-- Matt Mosley, ESPN.com

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