Originally Published: September 2, 2010
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images JOHN CLAYTON QB RANKING (17): Injuries and offensive line issues have hampered Matt Hasselbeck over the past two seasons. He threw a career-high 17 interceptions in 2009.

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Five things you need to know about the Seahawks:

1. Seattle has the best QB in the division -- health permitting: Those last two words hang over Matt Hasselbeck, whose Pro Bowl years have become a distant memory. Hasselbeck enjoyed an excellent offseason, winning over the new coaching staff. He was clearly the best quarterback on the team through camp. It's just tough to assume Hasselbeck will stay healthy enough to maintain his status among quarterbacks in the division. The team's efforts to shore up the offensive line took a hit when left tackle Russell Okung suffered a high ankle sprain. San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis, the man who broke Hasselbeck's ribs in Week 2 last season, visits Qwest Field in Week 1.

2. Front-office infighting shouldn't be an issue: Clashes between former coach Mike Holmgren and former president Tim Ruskell hurt the Seahawks in recent seasons. The new regime is suffering from no such issues. General manager John Schneider doesn't seem to care who gets credit for bringing in players. He doesn't appear so personally invested in his draft picks (as the Seahawks were, famously, when they kept two kickers to avoid releasing late-round choice Brandon Coutu, who subsequently hasn't been able to get work in the league). Schneider and coach Pete Carroll seem to hit it off. They took their current jobs knowing Carroll would hold ultimate authority. There should be no surprises.

3. This team is still in the early stages of rebuilding: Deep into camp, the Seahawks had fewer players back from Week 17 last season than any team in the league. They have churned the roster, culled the waiver wire, worked multiple trades and picked through talent scrap heaps (think Mike Williams) in an effort to improve the roster. It's a start, but only a start. The team lacks much in the way of a pass rush, the offensive line still has issues and the team still cannot be sure it has its long-term quarterback. It's a great season in Seattle if the Seahawks approach 8-8.

4. Aaron Curry may or may not develop as hoped: The Seahawks are desperate enough for pass-rush help to try developing Curry's skills in that all-important aspect of the game. It's a stretch, most likely. Curry does share some traits good pass-rushers possess. He has speed. He is tenacious. He likes to hit quarterbacks. It's just that Curry doesn't have much practice rushing the passer and there's a chance Seattle is wasting its time. At the very least, Curry must become an excellent strongside linebacker. That has not happened yet.

5. Pete Carroll will not make like Jim Mora: Carroll has more than one season to get this right, in other words. Mora walked into a situation far tougher than anyone could have realized. The front-office situation was tenuous and once Ruskell resigned, Mora was on shakier ground. The organization has synced up its front office by hiring Carroll and Schneider at the same time. Carroll even participated in Schneider's hiring. The Seahawks will give these guys a few seasons, most likely.

-- Mike Sando, ESPN.com

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