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Kevin Seifert NFL Nation 

Today's first game kicked off 14 hours ago. Yes, Rams-Giants happened earlier today. So by all means, let's have (more) bonus football! Overtime in Arizona, here we come!

Sheil Kapadia ESPN Writer 

Faced with a 1st and 30 from their own 28, the Seattle Seahawks decided it was time to play for overtime. The offense's only scoring drive in regulation went four plays for zero yards. The two teams ended regulation in a 3-3 tie.

Kevin Seifert NFL Nation 

From what I can see on social media, tonight's game confirms that many fans' notion of "good football" equals "lots of scoring.." This has been a great game, six points combined or not. High level of defense played on both sides, and on special teams for Seahawks as well.

Mike Sando ESPN Senior Writer 

David Johnson has been a liability in pass protection at times this season but got just enough of Jeremy Lane there. Big blitz pickup on third-and-long.


Tie game. Seahawks take advantage of a blocked punt to score their first points of the game vs Cardinals. 4:00 left to play.

Kevin Seifert NFL Nation 

At this moment, the Seahawks have 95 net offensive yards -- and 70 yards lost in penalties. This has been ridiculous.

Kevin Pelton @kpelton

The Seahawks currently have 37.6 percent of their yardage total from the Week 2 loss to the Rams.

Kevin Seifert NFL Nation 

This is insane. The Seahawks have faced third-and-25 and third-and-29 in consecutive possessions. The Cardinals are doing to the Seahawks what the Eagles did to the Vikings earlier today: Just crushing them up front.

Mike Sando ESPN Senior Writer 

This is what the Seahawks look like with no ground game on the road against a team possessing excellent edge rushers.