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Lindsey Thiry ESPN 

The Rams' official injury report on Thursday: "No injuries to report." Clean bill of health as they prepare for the NFC Championship game.

Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer 

Rams WR Robert Woods, on the Superdome: "The crowd shouldn't have an impact, and it won't have an impact."

Lindsey Thiry ESPN 

The rain has held off, and the Rams will practice on their normal fields — not under a tent that has been setup over the parking lot. Thursday is their longest practice day of the week.

Mike Triplett ESPN Staff Writer 

Sean Payton had a great answer when asked when he felt like he started "clicking" with the city of New Orleans, where he has now coached for 13 years: "Well, the first reason you click with a city is you win, right? I mean, it may feel like home, I could love it here. (But) if you're not winning, then somehow you're not clicking with the city."

Turron Davenport ESPN 

Here is part two of safety Kenny Vaccaro's interview with Turron Davenport on Talking w/TD for ESPN Nashville 102.5 The Game: TD: How about your relationship with the fans? You became a fan favorite and engage on social media. KV: I retweet a lot of the stuff because of last offseason what I went through just sitting there. I am going to be happy and proud of the work I put in. That's why every time, to be honest, 99 percent of the tweets I got were positive. I haven't had one hate message from a Titan fan period. There isn't one, 'We don't need him' or 'We'll be all right.' That meant a lot to me. The New Orleans fans, they're great. They're probably the top fans in the world with how loud they are and how they support their players. They're even showing love. I've got a lot of love from social media and the fans. TD: What is it that draws you to the Titans and Nashville? KV: I enjoy playing for coach Vrabel, a defensive head coach with an old school mentality. That's an easy fit. I reside in Austin. It's not as big as Nashville, but the live music, they have all of that in Austin. That southern feel, that's me. The culture, it's just a great fit. I want to be a part of something great. We started something. We were 9 - 7 this year, but there was a lot of improvement. There's a lot we can do to take that next step as a team and I want to be a part of that. I want to be able to say that I was on the kickstart of all of that. That's what hurt me in New Orleans. We went 7 - 9 for a few seasons and got good last year and now they're favorites for the Super Bowl. I want to be a part of that all the way through. I'm happy for them [The Saints] and rooting them on. Being a part of the process and getting the prize is as important as the prize for me. It hurt me when I was missing this last offseason, not in OTAs. I wasn't running 110 wind sprints next to Kevin Byard, Logan Ryan, and Malcolm Butler. I came in and I felt like at the very moment I had to show them that although I wasn't with them in February, March, April I meant business and I was here to stay. I take pride in the process that it takes to achieve anything. Hopefully, it works out different this offseason. TD: GM Jon Robinson said you earned the right to be in the discussion to be back. KV: It means a lot. He's a good GM. My meeting with Jon before I signed, we meshed. He seemed like an old soul and that's the type of guy that I am, old school and laid back. I feel close to him and I just met him. Whatever happens is a blessing, but from the top down, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Even Amy Adams Strunk, they are UT (Univ. of Texas) people. Before we say The Lord's Prayer for the game, I look over at her and give her a little head nod. It just all fits me. TD: Exit interview with Jon Robinson KV: It went well. It's understood; the situation. I know it's tough. Cyp [Safety Johnathan Cyprien] got hurt last season and he's in the middle of his deal. He's a great player, a good friend of mine. He brought me in with open arms. He knew I was a good player. He knew I was going to come in and do my thing. We respected each other way before I became a Titan. He knew I was hungry and the mentality that I bring. The humility and the way he treated me, hats off to that guy. TD: I think there is room. Cyrpien has his deal, you can get your deal, but people forget Byard is still on a third-round pick deal. How could the big nickel package work for the Titans? KV: It could work. But you're going to have three alpha dogs. We aren't always in three safeties so you have to understand, nobody wants to come off the field so you have to manage that situation. Also, I'll be the first to say, even before me or whoever, KB needs to get paid. It would be a blessing for me to come back and play, but to me he's one of the most complete football players I've ever been around. From how smart he is, he's a great teammate. You see the ball skills, the 12 picks in the last few years. Playing next to him helped me so much for my career. He keeps the standard so high, I have to make sure I am doing the same thing whether it's me taking out linemen or making a big play. I am doing that for Logan, Malcolm, Adoree Jackson, KB, all of those guys. They raise the standard in the room. He does a great job of keeping it together. He's a younger player than me, but he has the leadership skills that you want on your team. If anything, I am Kevin Byard 2019. Let's get him paid and no franchise tag!

Turron Davenport ESPN 

Safety Kenny Vaccaro discussed his upcoming offseason and why he fits so well with the Titans on Turron Davenport's podcast Talking w/TD for ESPN Nashville 102.5 The Game. Here's part one of the interview: TD: What are you up to right now? Are you planning to work out with Earl Thomas like you have in the past or do you have plans with any other guys in the league? KV: I am in Austin, Texas. I'll start training here in the next week or so. I'm just letting my body heal up right now until I start feeling better. Earl, yes once he comes back from his leg injury which he's done really well with and all of the guys that usually come down to train. Every year we do a safety summit where Earl, he invites some of the top safeties in the league, some of the guys are with my agent. Hopefully, KB [Kevin Byard] will be able to come down this year. He was going to come last year, but I think he was getting married around that time. KB will come down; we will get like a week together. Last year, Derwin James was with us, Bradley McDougal from the Seahawks and some other guys. It's a really competitive setting. TD: How did your relationship with Titans DC Dean Pees develop so quickly? KV: I just came in, put my head down and went to work. I think a coach like Dean Pees appreciates that old school style of pretty much not talking too much and coming in and working. I think that's what made it an easy transition for me and made it an easy fit. I didn't come in with any expectations. I just went to work and whatever happened, happened but it ended up being a perfect fit. TD: Did you notice the way you earned your colleague's respect? KV: Yes, if you go back to my interviews when I first signed with the team even before I practiced, I talked about earning the respect of the locker room, the respect of my coaches and my teammates. I think you do that by how you practice and play. I think the best example of that is just how tough you are. A guy can be athletic, a guy can be out of this world but if you don't have that toughness. That's the No. 1 thing people respect. 'He's not going to quit. He'll play through injuries. He'll be mentally tough and physically tough.' That's the biggest thing for me. Once you have that, you will fit in anywhere. When you have the respect of the guys around you, you can build off of that. That helped me have the season that I did. TD: You came in and became a tone-setter with your physical play. What was behind that? KV: I've been doing that my whole career. You can go back to articles from when I first got to New Orleans my rookie year. That was a standard that I always set for myself. That's my edge. Coach Vrabel always talked about what your edge is as a player and how everybody has to find their edge whether it be getting guys lined up or knowing what to do or taking the ball away like KB does so well. My edge is being relentless and tough. That's what got me where I am. Sure it takes hard work and athleticism, but that's what I did better than a lot of people. TD: What is it about Dean Pees that makes him such a good play-caller? (Vaccaro said Pees as a play caller is like Jordan in the fourth quarter). KV: There are certain times when you're playing and someone makes a great play but really it's Dean Pees made a great call. It goes hand in hand. Maybe Dean Pees doesn't call a great defense for a situation, and we bail him out by making a great play. It all works hand in hand if you have that relationship with your coordinator. Coach Pees, he trusts his players. That was the biggest thing for coach Pees with me. From the start, it seemed like he believed in me. I felt like one of his guys within a couple of days. I know other guys felt the same. For me, it was like this guy has won Super Bowls and coached great players, I'm talking about some of the greatest of all time and some of the things he said about me and told me gave me great confidence to go out there and play.

Nick Wagoner ESPN Staff Writer 

The 49ers officially announced Joe Woods as their new defensive backs coach and passing game coordinator. Woods served as the defensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos the past two seasons and got his NFL start with Niners coach Kyle Shanahan in Tampa Bay in 2004-2005. “In addition to being a tremendous coach with a wealth of knowledge, Joe is a great person that we believe will help bring the best out of our players,” Shanahan said. “Since we first worked together in Tampa, Joe has continued to gain invaluable experience in different schemes and coverages that will benefit our defense. Anybody who is familiar with Joe as a coach knows that he is passionate about the fundamentals of the game and we look forward to seeing the impact he has on our team.”

Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer 

The Rams intend to practice on the grass today, and Sean McVay sounded confident they could get at least some work in on the turf because they had a tarp covering the field. If not, they'll have to practice under the giant tent, which sits on asphalt. The Rams explored traveling elsewhere to practice under normal conditions, but decided it would be best not to disrupt the normal rhythm of the week.

Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer 

Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips said he "did a disservice" to Marcus Peters the first time they played the Saints. "He didn't have any help," Phillips said. "We learn as we go."

Rob Demovsky ESPN Staff Writer 

Defensive assistant Scott McCurley isn't coming back to the Packers' staff, according to sources, but he's a coach who should be in demand because of his vast experience in different capacities under multiple defensive coordinators. He's another original member of former coach Mike McCarthy's staff dating to 2006.

Jeremy Fowler ESPN Staff Writer 

T.J. Watt has been added to Pro Bowl to replace the injured Jadeveon Clowney. Watt was tied for second among NFL linebackers with 13 sacks last season. Steelers still have six Pro Bowlers scheduled to play -- Antonio Brown and David DeCastro dropped out, while JuJu Smith-Schuster and Watt joined as replacements.

Lindsey Thiry ESPN 

Tarps have been removed from the practice field with a light drizzle falling at the team facility. Grounds crew workers are out with blowers to dry up some wet spots.

Tim McManus ESPN Staff Writer 

The Eagles are moving on from defensive line coach Chris Wilson and wide receivers coach Gunter Brewer, a source confirms. Wilson, who also coached DT Fletcher Cox at Mississippi State, has been on staff since 2016. Brewer replaced Mike Groh as receivers coach in 2018 when Groh was promoted to offensive coordinator. Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher were first with the report.

Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer 

Looks like it's still pouring rain at the Rams' facility. That means their padded and most important practice of the week will take place in that makeshift airplane hangar that is sitting in their parking lot, on asphalt. It really hardly rains in Southern California. Of all weeks, it rains on this one.

Adam Teicher ESPN Staff Writer 

"He looked good out there. I see him out there looking like Eric Berry." — Andy Reid on what he saw from Berry at Wednesday practice.

Adam Teicher ESPN Staff Writer 

The Chiefs again plan for Eric Berry to practice today. All players will work today except LB Dorian O'Daniel.

Rich Cimini ESPN Staff Writer 

Jets coach Adam Gase, in a radio interview today, said he hasn't seen any of the memes from his introductory presser. Said Gase: "I don't have Twitter or Instagram. I don't read the Internet. I don't watch TV. All that stuff is irrelevant to me. It's pollution of the brain. I really don't care. That's not how I operate. I'm here to do one thing and that's to help this organization win." (Via The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, ESPN)

Jordan Raanan ESPN Staff Writer 

CB Michael Hunter is back. The Giants signed him to a reserve/futures contract. Hunter spent part of 2016–17 with the team. He spent this past season with the Broncos, Bills and Texans.