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The Raiders, Patriots and Seahawks could each clinch a playoff berth in Week 14. Here's how:

Mike Triplett ESPN Staff Writer 

Saints RB Deuce McAllister, a friend and former teammate of Will Smith's is the first witness called by the state. But defense objecting since he was present throughout opening arguments. Court overruled objection, let's him testify.

Adam Teicher ESPN Staff Writer 

Jeremy Maclin is scheduled to be a full participant today in the Chiefs' only full practice session of the week.

Bob Holtzman ESPN 

Andy Reid: "everybody is going to practice today". Should indicate Jeremy Maclin is back.

Mike Triplett ESPN Staff Writer 

Saints QB Drew Brees, Steve Gleason and their wives have joined some of Will Smith's other former teammates at courthouse to support Smith's wife Racquel, who is expected to testify today. Opening statements have wrapped up in the trial of Smith's shooter Cardell Hayes. Also in attendance: Deuce McAllister, Roman Harper, Jahri Evans and Fred McAfee.

Mike Triplett ESPN Staff Writer 

Defense attorney for Cardell Hayes says Hayes didn't shoot Will Smith until after Smith reached into his car and opened his glove box and began to turn back. The attorney, Jay Daniels, said the jury will hear that the driver and passengers of Smith's car were being "very aggressive" and that Smith took a few swings at Hayes, then Smith's wife tried to pull him away. Daniels says Hayes did not originally have a gun in his hand, and he was taunted by Smith's acquaintance Richard Hernandez, then by Smith, who said, "Oh, you got a gun? I got a gun, too, and I'm gonna show you what to do with it."

Jeremy Fowler ESPN Staff Writer 

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said Shady McCoy - whom he's known since his Pitt days - is 'still dominating football games.'

Ben Goessling ESPN Staff Writer 

Mike Zimmer is back at Vikings practice, coaching with his right eye covered.

Ed Werder @Edwerderespn

Source on JPP and his groin injury: "He is hurting.'' NFL offensive coordinators say #Giants have two dominant players on D: Collins and JPP

Mike Triplett ESPN Staff Writer 

Defense attorney Jay Daniels says Will Smith's "fantastic football career" and charity involvement are not on trial. Said in order for the jury to believe the state's case, they need to accept that it was a road rage incident that caused Hayes to "lose his mind" and decide to take another man's life over a minor accident. ... Said months earlier, Hayes was a victim of another hit and run, followed the car to write down the license plate and reported it with no incident or fight involved. Said that was his intent again after he believed he was hit-and-run by Will Smith.

Bob Holtzman ESPN 

The Chiefs defense should be healthy Thursday night. Justin Houston, Dontari Poe, and Dee Ford were all "questionable" last Sunday in Atlanta. All played vs Falcons (Poe 65% of the snaps, Houston 62%, Ford 36%) and all made it through the game without aggravating anything other than Matt Ryan.