Wade Phillips takes high road

HOUSTON -- Wade Phillips knew what was coming at his regularly scheduled Thursday news conference, and he was ready to talk about former Houston safety Ed Reed, who had unleashed his critiques of the Texans defensive coordinator a day earlier.

"From what he said and what I can gather, I don't think he's gonna ask me to induct him into the Hall of Fame," Phillips said. "But when he does go into the Hall of Fame, I'm going to clap my hands and say well deserved, because he's been a great, great player in this league."

Reed signed with the Texans in free agency but missed the offseason and first two games of the season after having hip surgery. He started five games for the Texans before being benched for free safety Shiloh Keo. After a loss to the Arizona Cardinals two weeks ago, Reed said the Texans were "outplayed and outcoached" in certain situations. The Texans released him two days later and he signed with the New York Jets.

On Wednesday, during a conference call with Baltimore reporters ahead of the Jets' game against the Ravens on Sunday, Reed unleashed his criticism of Phillips as a coach and a person.

"There's players cut, coaches fired," Phillips said. "There's disappointments in this league and in life. I believe the way you deal with those things tells a lot about what you are and who you are."

Reed was asked if he didn't fit with the Texans' scheme and replied that the scheme doesn't fit a lot of players, including many still on the Texans' roster. About the scheme, Reed added, "The truth is the truth."

"I think a lot of players have fit into it really well," Phillips said. "I just let the record speak for itself. We have seven guys on defense that have been here since I've been here and I feel like they've played really well within it."

Reed said Phillips was likely the reason he wasn't with the Texans anymore. He said when he was released his communication with Phillips was "basically" Phillips making sure he left.

"When we let Ed go, I went down to the training room, I looked him right in the eye and shook hands with him," Phillips said. "I said thank you and I said what I said to y'all that day, [that] it was an honor to coach a guy that's going to be in the Hall of Fame and I wish you good luck.

"The truth is the truth."