Joe Haden emotional after loss

CLEVELAND -- Emotions spilled over for the Cleveland Browns following their 32-28 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

When star cornerback Joe Haden addressed the media, his voice cracked as he expressed his frustration.

Haden didn't know what to say when asked to assess the Browns' mood after their third consecutive loss and seventh in eight games.

"I f------ can't stand losing," he said. "It hurts. I go out there and put my f------ heart out there every time -- every time. And we end up coming up short."

Haden took the blame for Cecil Shorts' 20-yard touchdown catch with 40 seconds left that won the game for Jacksonville.

The Jaguars had thrown short all day, but on the pivotal touchdown, Shorts faked a slant and went for the end zone. Haden, who has been playing very well all season, bit on the slant.

"He made a really good play, really good catch," Haden said.

But the frustration of losing to the lowly Jaguars (3-9), and being the player responsible for the touchdown pass, got to him.

"This s--- hurts, every time we start losing, you know what I'm saying?" Haden said. "It's just ... we're tired of it, and there's nothing we can say."

Haden's eyes were glassy as he spoke, and at this point his voice started cracking.

"You're going to come with the same questions every week, and we're going to give you the same answers," he said. " 'We're gonna get better next week. We're gonna get better next week.' Until we do it, then there's nothing else to talk about."