Joe Haden addresses his remarks

BEREA, Ohio -- One day later, cornerback Joe Haden didn't hide from his emotional postgame remarks following the Cleveland Browns' 32-28 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

"I feel like when you lose, that's how a player should feel," Haden said Monday. "If you don't feel upset, if you're not angry, it doesn't mean anything to you. I hope you all know, and everybody knows, that it's not OK to lose."

Following Sunday's game, Haden was near tears in the locker room. He said the response was a buildup of frustration over losing combined with the fact he'd given up the game-winning catch to Cecil Shorts.

"We come in, work in the film room," he said. "We're working out there at practice, and we're grinding every single day. But when the outcome isn't what you wanted or it doesn't come out like you want it to, it gets really, really, really frustrating."

Haden described the 2013 Browns as the best team he's been on and said his emotions Sunday were pure and honest.

"We should be good ... " Haden said. "We have the squad to make it happen. And it's just upsetting when you don't, when it doesn't happen."