Robert Woods: 'Learned my lesson'

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Buffalo Bills wide receiver Robert Woods spoke to reporters Monday for the first time since being ejected in Sunday's victory over the Miami Dolphins, saying he knows what he did was wrong but that he felt he had to stand up for himself.

"Of course you shouldn't throw a punch in a football game, but if you're playing outside the rules, sometimes you got to be a man sometimes," Woods said. "But I learned my lesson and just can't do it again."

Woods swung at the head of Dolphins safety Reshad Jones after the two were involved in a tussle after a running play. Woods was ejected and argued with an official before being escorted off the field.

"The play was over. It was just one of those things where it was just extra, how he felt it was necessary to push me after the play and throw me over the pile," Woods said. "They were clapping once I was walking off the field, but we still won at the end of the game."

The second-round pick, who has started 13 games this season, said it was the first game he had thrown a punch or had been ejected from a game. He said he expected to speak with coach Doug Marrone about the incident later Monday.

Woods said it wasn't the first time he and Jones were involved in a brush-up on the field.

"Actually didn't know who it was," Woods said. "Earlier in the game I was talking to [No.] 28, [cornerback Nolan] Carroll, saying 'good game, good plays' and stuff like that. Same thing with [cornerback Brent] Grimes. I don't know where [Jones'] actions came from, but actually [No.] 20, he cheap-shotted me last time we played as well. But I didn't know it was him. It was just one of those things where I guess that's how he plays."