Kirk Cousins says he's open to trade

Kirk Cousins said nothing has changed from the time he was drafted by the Washington Redskins. He wanted to compete for a starting job then; he wants to compete for one now. Which is why he told the team he'd be open to a trade.

Cousins said the Redskins already have told him that Robert Griffin III is the clear-cut starter and there will be no competition.

"Nothing changes from the day I was drafted," said Cousins, a fourth-round pick in 2012 -- three rounds after Griffin, in a phone interview. "There's no chance to compete, so if I can't get it in D.C., I'd be open to having that chance somewhere else.

"I just wanted to make sure my opinion was known to my agent and to the Redskins. I wanted to be proactive. My desire was to communicate my willingness to be traded and my desire to compete. I'd love the opportunity to be a starting quarterback. I'm not entitled to that, but just the chance to compete to know if I can play at a high level."

Cousins has started four games in his first two seasons, compiling a 1-3 record -- though one loss occurred on a failed last-minute two-point conversion at Atlanta; another one happened when the Redskins' defense failed to make a fourth-down stop against Dallas, resulting in a touchdown.

He's appeared in eight games overall, throwing for eight touchdowns and 10 interceptions. In his four starts, he's has six touchdown passes and seven interceptions.

"I've wanted the same thing all along," he said. "I was open to a trade from Day 1. I'm open to a trade now. After starting four games and having two years under my belt and two offseasons and having that experience, I do think I'm more prepared than I was coming out of the draft or after my first year."

Cousins said he's not going to obsess about a trade. Nor is he demanding one. The Redskins lack a first-round pick and could add more selections by trading Cousins.

The big question will be what they could get for him -- or what they would settle for in return.

"I won't lose a lot of sleep over the unknowns," Cousins said. "If it doesn't present itself, then I enjoyed being part of the Redskins and look forward to being with them. Until I'm told otherwise, I'm a Redskin and I expect to handle the role as No. 2 as best I can."