Dan Snyder: DeSean Jackson 'good'

STERLING, Va. -- Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder says pursuing wide receiver DeSean Jackson was an easy decision, one based on what he'd heard from his coach and general manager. And, he said, fans will see a different side of Jackson.

But Snyder also hopes fans see the player many teams, including his, have struggled to defend.

"When you look at the fact that the head coach [Jay Gruden] and general manager [Bruce Allen] said this is the right move, the only thing I can do is support it and that's what I've done," Snyder said. "It's been great. I've spent a little time with him and he's really a good guy."

Snyder, speaking at a ceremony after the Redskins donated $100,000 to Park View High School to go toward the installation of a synthetic turf field, said he'll be glad to watch Jackson in a Redskins uniform.

"That's going to be exciting, and not just the two games against Philly," Snyder said. "We got tired of seeing him score a lot of touchdowns against us and watching him on TV, so it's great to have him here."

Nor was there any hesitation to sign Jackson after reading stories about possible gang affiliations. The Redskins put a full-court press on to sign the former Philadelphia Eagles star, with quarterback Robert Griffin III and cornerback DeAngelo Hall among those recruiting him.

Griffin was among the first players to reach out to Jackson and visited with him in Los Angeles. Hall took him out with several other players after he arrived in Washington. The Redskins signed him to a three-year deal worth $24 million, including $16 million guaranteed.

"I was reading this morning that he has a book on bullying out," Snyder said. "I look forward to reading it. He's done a lot in the community and you'll see him here for the Redskins for many years. He'll be part of this community.

"What we'll look forward to is obviously great play, but also the fact that the stuff I'd love to see reported on -- really deservedly so -- is all his charitable work. That's something we have to focus on. He deserves a lot of credit for that and not a lot of credit has been given to him."

In part because of Jackson's arrival and in part because of Griffin's improved knee -- Snyder says the quarterback is "100 percent and is wonderfully healthy" -- the Redskins owner said there's a lot of positive energy at the team's facility.

He did not want to address the tension that engulfed the franchise late in the season, including stories about his relationship with Griffin, saying only that they were moving forward.

Snyder did respond to critics of his Original Americans Foundation, which is providing money and resources to tribal communities throughout the country. One criticism is that he's trying to buy good will to deflect attention from those who want the team name changed.

"I wrote a letter to the fans and it speaks for itself," Snyder said, referring to a letter distributed in March to announce the foundation. "It tells you we did our homework, unlike a lot of people, and we understand the issues out there. We're not an issue. The real issues are real-life issues, real-life needs, and it's time that people focus on reality."