Karlos Dansby angered 'big time'

BEREA, Ohio -- Karlos Dansby was angered "big time" at former teammate Darnell Dockett for saying Dansby "chased the money" when he signed as a free agent with the Cleveland Browns.

"It's disrespectful to my teammates, it's disrespectful to this organization and all the history it has here," Dansby told several members of the media at the Browns' minicamp on Wednesday, as reported by the Northeast Ohio Media Group.

There was more.

"The way he was saying it, I feel like he doesn't believe in the guys in the (Arizona Cardinals) locker room," Dansby said. "That's how I look at it. If I was to leave and you feel like you (can) make noise because I'm gone, you don't trust the guys that are there."

Dansby responded to remarks made April 24 by Dockett, who said that Dansby "chased the money versus chasing a ring" when he signed a four-year, $24 million deal with the Browns (with $12 million guaranteed).

Dockett even implied the Cardinals' defensive line helped Dansby earn that payday.

"When you look at everything we'd done ... the sacrifices our defensive line made for that certain individual to make his plays and go into a game not being selfish," Dockett told Cardinals reporters. "Our defensive line doesn't care about sacks and tackles. We come in to do a job, to hold guys off our linebackers so we can be the number one defense. I just think that opportunity was to be right here, to really get to the playoffs and make a run for it."

Said Dansby: "It pissed me off big time."

"The 11 years we've been around each other he (doesn't) know me," Dansby said.

Quentin Groves was a teammate of both players in Arizona in 2012.

"To each his own," Groves said. "Dockett is the kind of guy, he loves to talk. ... Nothing against Dockett. Me and him are good friends, but if the shoe was on the other foot I promise you this ... it'd be interesting to see what he (Dockett) does."

Groves was glad to have Dansby on the Browns, but he also understood the financial implications of signing the free-agent deal.

"The days of loyalty are long gone," Groves said. "I hate to say this, but it's become a selfish game. But at the same time, you have to do what's best for you and your family. Because at the end of the day you are your own business."

Groves said the pursuit of the free-agent contract does not hurt the game.

"If you're a football player, you're gonna play football ..." he said. "That's what coaches tell us all the time. If you play to get a new contract, play for that. If you play for your family, play for that. If you play to get the shine, the glitz and the glory, play for that. I don't think it takes anything away from the game. I think it makes people play harder because now you can get to free agency faster and you can get to more money faster.

"The better you play, the more money you get paid."