Calvin Johnson: Not going to dunk

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Calvin Johnson isn't interested in surrendering any of his salary to the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell.

So when the Detroit Lions receiver was asked about Jimmy Graham's two spikes over the goalpost during the preseason, Johnson indicated he is going to forgo his plan to continue dunking.

"I'm not letting Goodell get in my pockets," Johnson said.

Johnson's trademark celebration had been dunking the ball over the post, similar to Graham. When the NFL banned the celebration, Johnson told the Detroit Free Press: "I'm still going to dunk. I just won't touch the rim."

Now, it appears he is changing his stance.

Johnson said he and the other receivers are coming up with a post-touchdown celebration that they'll likely unveil at some point.

"We're going to come up with something as a group," Johnson said. "Golden (Tate), a couple of the guys were talking about coming up with something. You might see something from the receivers that everybody might do when we score.

"You never know. We'll see."

The first chance to possibly see it would be Friday, as Johnson is expected to make his season debut against the Jacksonville Jaguars.