NFL salary cap set at $143.28M

NFL teams were informed Monday that the 2015 salary cap will be $143.28 million.

The official franchise tag numbers for offensive players are $18.544 million for quarterbacks, $10.951 million for running backs, $12.823 million for wide receivers, $8.347 million for tight ends and $12.943 million for offensive linemen.

The franchise tag numbers for defensive players are $14.813 million for defensive ends, $11.193 million for defensive tackles, $13.195 million for linebackers, $13.075 million for cornerbacks and $9.618 for safeties.

The number for kickers and punters is $4.126 million.

The $143.28 million salary cap is up $10 million from last season and $20 million from two years ago. The total projected player cost, including benefits, is $180.775 million.