J.J. Watt offers aphorism in apparent reply to Zach Mettenberger's latest dig

J.J. Watt awoke Wednesday morning with something on his mind.

The Houston Texans star defensive end posted Wednesday morning on Twitter: "A lion doesn't concern himself with the opinions of a sheep. Time to attack the day."

Variations of that quote have been used for centuries, and in this instance Watt didn't offer specifics about the lion and the sheep in question. He posted the quote after CampusSports.net published an interview with Tennessee Titans quarterback Zach Mettenberger saying Watt shouldn't be calling his selfie antics high-schoolish when Watt wore a high-school style letterman jacket.

From his comments, Mettenberger seemed under the impression that Watt went out and had the jacket made on his own, which isn't true. The jackets were a team production and the brainchild of some of Watt's defensive teammates.

Watt and Mettenberger are nine months removed from a spat between the two over a Mettenberger selfie.

Last season, Mettenberger, displaced as the Titans' top quarterback when they selected Oregon's Marcus Mariota second overall in this year's draft, took and posted several photos of himself to social media during the week leading up to his first NFL start.

Mettenberger posted one to Twitter 90 minutes before the Titans' Week 8 home game against the Texans, a tweet that was brought to Watt's attention pregame.

After Watt sacked Mettenberger, Watt celebrated by miming taking a photo of himself.