Bills DT Marcell Dareus expresses bitterness over contract talks

CLEVELAND -- Pro Bowl defensive tackle Marcell Dareus is upset with the Buffalo Bills' latest contract offer, telling The Buffalo News after Thursday's 11-10 preseason win over the Cleveland Browns that the Bills are "making it hard" in negotiations.

"And it's just really making me unhappy," Dareus told the newspaper. "I feel like they don't really want me here."

The News reported, citing a source, that the Bills have offered Dareus a deal worth "more than $90 million over six years," which averages $15 million per season.

But Dareus is looking for a deal that rivals the Miami Dolphins' six-year, $114 million pact with Ndamukong Suh.

Asked by the newspaper if he had a specific number in mind, Dareus responded, "I'll just say, 'Thank you, Suh.' "

Dareus believes the Bills aren't properly valuing him in contract talks. A fifth-year lineman entering the final year of his deal, he is a two-time Pro Bowler and was the third-overall draft selection in 2011.

"We're still waiting," Dareus told The Buffalo News. "I feel like they don't want me here as bad as I want to be here, as bad as the fans and my team wants me here. I feel like they're saying, 'Whatever. You come a dime a dozen.' "

The Associated Press reported earlier Thursday, citing two people familiar with the negotiations, that the Bills' talks with Dareus had reached a standstill.

One person said the sides haven't exchanged offers in a few weeks, raising concerns that a deal won't be completed before the start of the season in three weeks. The season opener is not considered a hard deadline.

Dareus, 25, will earn $8.06 million from the Bills this season.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.