Tom Clements mum on job change, is 'helping the team get ready'

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Tom Clements' job with the Green Bay Packers changed significantly last Sunday when coach Mike McCarthy took back the offensive play-calling duties 12 games into the season.

Clements, however, had little interest in discussing the details of the change Thursday during his first session with reporters since it happened.

"I think you know how it's different," Clements said when asked about his job responsibilities now.

Clements remains the associate head coach, a title he took on in February after McCarthy named him the offensive playcaller, but Clements on Thursday referred to himself as "an assistant coach" several times.

"It's what it was last year: an assistant coach on the team," Clements said. "I'm helping the team get ready. On game day, I'm up in the booth observing and making suggestions just like the other guys."

As the playcaller, Clements worked from the sideline. He returned to the coaches' box for Sunday's win over the Cowboys. McCarthy said Clements has remained heavily involved in the game-planning process.

With Clements calling the plays, the Packers ranked 22nd in total offense and 23rd in passing yards per game. In McCarthy's first game back as the playcaller, they rushed for 230 yards, the most in his 10 years as the Packers coach, and the Packers climbed to 18th in total offense.

Clements has been with McCarthy and the Packers since 2006. He was the team's quarterbacks coach for six seasons and offensive coordinator from 2012 to '14.

McCarthy said the decision to strip Clements of play-calling duties was "brutal" on a personal level, but that "professionally, I felt like I had to do it."

When asked how difficult it was for Clements to accept, he said: "I'm not going to talk about that."