Cardinals-Packers coin-flip ref to officiate Super Bowl 50

Veteran Clete Blakeman is scheduled be the NFL's referee for Super Bowl 50, sources told ESPN.

The news was first reported by FootballZebras.com. The NFL declined comment, and the assignment is subject to change until the league confirms it.

Blakeman has been a referee since 2010 and has earned a reputation as a strong and decisive game manager. He acted swiftly in the divisional playoff round last weekend when the coin he tossed before overtime did not flip.

Blakeman quickly sent a second toss into the air, acting in what the NFL later called "basic fairness" even though there is no rule requiring the coin to flip in order to be legal.

The Arizona Cardinals won both flips, avoiding controversy, and went on to defeat the Green Bay Packers 26-20.

In general, the NFL makes postseason assignments based on regular-season grades. That would mean Blakeman graded out in the top tier among the NFL's 17 referees.