Longtime Colts broadcaster Bob Lamey sorry for on-air expletive

INDIANAPOLIS -- Colts longtime radio play-by-play voice Bob Lamey apologized Monday for saying an expletive on the air at the end of the team's 26-22 victory over the San Diego Chargers on Sunday.

"Before we get started tonight, I have a little bit of personal business to take care of," Lamey said at the start of the Colts radio show on WFNI-AM 1070 in Indianapolis. "I'm extremely ashamed of myself and what happened last night at the game. Using language like that is not normal for me. I did it. I'm ashamed of it. I've been fighting it all day long.

"I want to apologize to the Irsay family. What I said was not necessary. It was out of place. It was ridiculous, and it'll never happen again."

Lamey, who is in his 30th season as the voice of the Colts, made the comments after the Chargers were given an untimed down after Indianapolis was penalized for illegally touching the ball following a punt by Pat McAfee.

"The game is finally f---ing over," Lamey said on WFNI-AM.

The Colts issued a statement regarding Lamey's comments: "Bob Lamey is not only a legendary broadcaster, but also a passionate and loyal Colts fan. Nevertheless, even in the heat of the moment, profanity has no place in Colts broadcasting. Bob has expressed extreme regret for his mistake during yesterday's broadcast. We have accepted his sincere apology, and forgiven him for his misstep. We hope our fans will do the same and enjoy 'The Voice of the Colts' for many more broadcasts."