Man proposes marriage via brick at Vikings stadium

Nick Running bought the brick proposing marriage two years ago before Minnesota's U.S. Bank Stadium opened. Jane Momany/Instagram

Two years ago, Indianapolis Colts fan Nick Running met Jane Momany, a Minnesota Vikings fan, at a game in Minnesota.

Three months after that meeting, Running saw that the Vikings were selling bricks to fans surrounding U.S. Bank Stadium, which would open in 2016.

Despite only knowing Momany for a short time, he was ready to make the purchase.

On the brick was inscribed: "Jane, will you marry me? Love, Nick."

"I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her the moment I met her," Running said.

On Saturday, ahead of the Vikings' game against the Colts, Running and Momany, who now live in Denver, flew to Minnesota and took a trip to the stadium. A friend had come ahead of time and cleared the space where the brick was, pulling back the snow in the shape of a heart.

Momany looked down and Running had the ring ready. She said yes.

"It was the best $170 I ever spent," Running said.