Global listings: How Super Bowl LI will be broadcast around the world

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

Super Bowl LI kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. ET on Sunday. That's 5:30 p.m. in Houston, site of the game, and 11:30 p.m. GMT.

U.S. viewers can see the game on Fox, but different networks have broadcast rights all over the globe.

The game between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons will be broadcast live around the world in more than 20 languages, including nine directly from NRG Stadium (Mandarin Chinese, Danish, English, French, Flemish, German, Hungarian, Japanese and Spanish). In addition, live audio in seven non-English languages (Mandarin Chinese, Flemish, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese and Spanish) will be available at the NFL's official SuperBowl.com website.

Here are the global TV broadcasts. ("Watch" links indicate the ESPN web stream is available in those regions.)

A-C | D-F | G-I | J-L | M-O | P-R | S-U | V-Z


Afghanistan: Fox Sports; OSN

Algeria: Fox Sports; OSN

Andorra: beIN Sport

Anguilla: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Antigua: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Argentina: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Aruba: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Australia: ESPN (Watch); Seven Network

Austria: Perform; Sat 1 (Prosienbensat 1 Media AG) / Pro Maxx; Sat 1 - Puls4


Bahamas: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Bahrain: beIN Sport; Fox Sports; OSN

Barbados: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Barbuda: Fox Sports

Belgium: Eleven Sports

Belize: Fox Sports

Bermuda: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Bolivia: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Bonaire: ESPN (Watch)

Bosnia & Herzegovina: SportKlub

Brazil: ESPN (Watch); Esporte Interativo

British Virgin Islands: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Brunei: ASN


Cambodia: ASN

Canada: Bell (CTV); RDS

Cape Verde: Fox Sports

Cayman Islands: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Chad: Fox Sports; OSN

Chile: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

China: Alisports; BesTV; Fox Sports; GDTV; LETV; PPTV (Digital); QQ (Digital); SMG; Sina.com; iQiYi

Colombia: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Costa Rica: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Croatia: SportKlub

Curacao: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Cyprus: Fox Sports

Czech Republic: Pragosport


Denmark: Viasat

Djibouti: Fox Sports; OSN

Dom-Tom: beIN Sport

Dominica: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Dominican Republic: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports


Ecuador: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Egypt: Fox Sports; OSN

El Salvador: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports


Federated States of Micronesia: ESPN

Fiji: ESPN (Watch)

Finland: Viasat; beIN Sport

France: W9 France

French Guiana: Fox Sports


Germany: Perform; Sat 1 (Prosienbensat 1 Media AG) / Pro Maxx

Greece: Fox Sports

Grenada: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Guadeloupe: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Guatemala: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Guyana: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports


Haiti: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Honduras: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Hong Kong: PCCW

Hungary: Pragosport


Iceland: Media Iceland

India: SONY India

Indonesia: ASN

Iran: beIN Sport; Fox Sports; OSN

Iraq: beIN Sport; Fox Sports; OSN

Israel: beIN Sport; Charlton Israel; ESPN; Fox Sports; METV; Sport 5

Italy: Fox Sports; Mediaset


Jamaica: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports; KLAS Sports Radio

Japan: NHK; NTV; Perform (Digital OTT only)

Jordan: beIN Sport; Fox Sports; OSN


Korea: MBC Plus Co., Ltd.

Kosovo: SportKlub

Kuwait: beIN Sport; Fox Sports; OSN


Laos: ASN

Lebanon: beIN Sport; Fox Sports; OSN

Libya: Fox Sports; OSN

Liechtenstein: Perform; Sat 1 (Prosienbensat 1 Media AG) / Pro Maxx

Luxembourg: Perform; Sat 1 (Prosienbensat 1 Media AG) / Pro Maxx


Macau: ASN; PCCW

Macedonia: SportKlub

Malaysia: ASN

Malta: Fox Sports

Marshall Islands: ESPN (Watch)

Martinique: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Mauritania: Fox Sports; OSN

Mexico: ESPN (Watch); Estadio W (Radio); Fox Sports; TV Azteca; Televisa

Monaco: beIN Sport

Montenegro: SportKlub

Montserrat: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Morocco: Fox Sports; OSN

Myanmar: ASN


Netherlands: Fox Sports

Netherlands Antilles: Fox Sports

New Zealand: ESPN (Watch); TV NZ

Nicaragua: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Norway: Viasat


Oman: beIN Sport; Fox Sports; OSN


Palau: ESPN (Watch)

Palestine: beIN Sport; Fox Sports; OSN

Panama: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Paraguay: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Peru: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Philippines: ASN

Poland: Eleven Sports

Portugal: Sport TV


Qatar: beIN Sport; Fox Sports; OSN


Romania: Dolce Sport


San Marino: Mediaset

Saudi Arabia: beIN Sport; Fox Sports; OSN

Serbia: SportKlub

Singapore: ASN

Slovak Republic: Pragosport

Slovenia: SportKlub

Somalia: Fox Sports; OSN

South Sudan: OSN

Spain: Telefonica

St. Barthelemy: Fox Sports

St. Kitts & Nevis: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

St. Lucia: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

St. Maarten: ESPN (Watch)

St. Martin: Fox Sports

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Sudan: Fox Sports; OSN

Suriname: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Sweden: Viasat

Switzerland: Perform; Sat 1 (Prosienbensat 1 Media AG) / Pro Maxx

Syria: beIN Sport; Fox Sports; OSN


Taiwan: Sportcast

Thailand: True Vision (Cineplex)

Trinidad & Tobago: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports

Tunisia: Fox Sports; OSN

Turkey: Fox Sports

Turks & Caicos: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports


United Arab Emirates: beIN Sport; Fox Sports; OSN

United Kingdom: BBC; British Sky Broadcasting

Uruguay: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports


Vatican City: Mediaset

Venezuela: ESPN (Watch); Fox Sports


West Bank: OSN


Yemen: beIN Sport; Fox Sports; OSN

Source: National Football League