The 4.22 Interview: A speedy session with John Ross

Ross' 40-time could boost him into top 15 in draft (1:18)

Todd McShay and Louis Riddick put into perspective what John Ross' record-setting 40 time at the combine means for his draft position. (1:18)

Though he was already one of the top prospects in this year's NFL draft class, Washington wide receiver John Ross turned heads and rocketed up draft boards with his record-shattering time of 4.22 seconds in the 40-yard dash last Saturday. We caught up with Ross a few days later for a lightning round interview where we gave him 4.22 seconds to answer each question. We wanted to find out if his wits are as fast as his feet, and he didn't disappoint.

You just ran the fastest combine 40 on record. What's the fastest you have in you? Go!

Four-two flat.

How much time did you spend training specifically for the 40? Go!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday. For 8 weeks.

What goes through your mind in those 4.22 seconds? Go!

Don't embarrass yourself. Don't stumble. Don't run a 4.3.

You ran it before noon. What the hell did you eat for breakfast that morning? Go!

Just a banana. I was nervous.

What's the secret to running a time like that? Go!

Lower-body strength and technique.

What makes you so fast? Go!

God-given talent.

Fast recognize fast. So what do you think about Bo's 4.13? Legit or naw? Go!

Legit. Bo is a freak.

A lot of people say a really fast 40 time has nothing to do with being a great pro player. So what's going to make you a really great pro receiver? Go!

Technique. Transition. Catching.

What's the funniest response you've gotten on social media since then? Go!

"You don't have an island."

Right. If you had won the island, what would you have named it? Go!

Zoom Island

How fast are you going to be when you pick out your draft-day outfit? Go!

Super fast. A nice slim, fit tux.

What are you going to whisper in Roger Goodell's ear on draft day? Go!

Thank you. Don't fine me.

What is the meaning of life? Go!

Excitement. Joy.