Bill O'Brien putting in more time with Texans offense

HOUSTON -- After a season in which the Houston Texans' offense struggled mightily with quarterback Brock Osweiler under center, head coach Bill O'Brien has taken measures to make sure the unit shows improvement in 2017 with Tom Savage and rookie Deshaun Watson.

"I've been probably doing more coaching myself in the last four or five weeks than I've done in the three years that I've been here," O'Brien said during the Texans' rookie minicamp. "I'm really involved in the offense, and I'm having a lot of fun."

The Texans did not replace offensive coordinator George Godsey during the offseason and instead said O'Brien will take over playcalling duties. Godsey called plays for the Texans through the first three games before O'Brien took over after the Texans' Week 3 loss to the New England Patriots. Later in the season, O'Brien said the playcalling had been split between him and Godsey. O'Brien also called plays in 2014, his first season in Houston.

O'Brien said he will continue to be just as involved as the offseason program continues and into the season. He said he takes a lot of pride in the Texans' offense and that he knows the team has "got to get better offensively," and that starts with working more with Savage and Watson.

While O'Brien worked with Osweiler last season, it was Godsey who was not only offensive coordinator but also the quarterbacks coach. Because of this, it was Godsey who was most involved with the day-to-day with Osweiler, Savage and Brandon Weeden.

Watson said although he has spent less than three days in the facility and working with the coaching staff, he appreciates how O'Brien has worked with his so far.

"I think it's cool to be able to have your head coach and the main guy that knows this system very well to be hands-on in the meeting rooms with you and on the field with you because you can learn it first-hand," Watson said. "[You] see what he sees and [get to have] that same coach on the field whenever you're practicing or scrimmaging or in a game."