Aaron Rodgers not at top of QB pay scale, but 'team appreciates me'

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- At some point, the Packers are going to have to tear up Aaron Rodgers' contract, but the two-time NFL MVP isn't worried about whether it happens sooner or later.

Although Rodgers wouldn't give any hints about whether his agent, David Dunn, has begun talking to the Packers about a new deal, he said he does not feel like he's underappreciated even though he's no longer at the top of the quarterback pay scale.

"Well, that stuff usually takes care of itself, and I have a fantastic agent, he does a great job. He worries about that stuff," Rodgers said. "When it comes to setting the market values, I let that stuff take care of itself. I know my value in this league, and I know the team appreciates me. I'm going to continue to make myself an indispensable part of this roster. When you do that, when your time comes up to get a contract, you usually get a contract extension."

Rodgers is under contract through 2019 based on the $110 million contract extension he signed in April 2013. At the time, it was the richest contract in the NFL. Since then, however, he has fallen to No. 5 among quarterbacks based on his $20 million average per year.

Earlier this offseason, Rodgers wondered aloud during a radio appearance about how much he's worth in a league where Mike Glennon makes $15 million a year on the deal he signed with the Chicago Bears.

The Packers have plenty of salary cap space -- more than $19.7 million, according to ESPN Stats & Information -- so they're not in a position where they'd have to ask Rodgers to restructure his deal like Tom Brady has done in the past with the Patriots.

"I think you forget that Tom has [wife] Gisele, for one," Rodgers said. "And two, we're about $20 million under the cap, as usual, so we have plenty of room. Obviously, we signed the last deal knowing that it was a good deal for both sides. If you look at some of the cap numbers around the league with guys who signed in similar time periods, the percentage of the cap was notably higher than my deal. You obviously keep that in mind."

Andrew Luck is the NFL's highest-paid quarterback with an average of $24.594 million per year based on the deal he signed in June 2016.