Packers' Malachi Dupre leaves hospital while NFL to look into hit that sent him there

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy thought the hits that concussed two of his players and sent one of them, rookie receiver Malachi Dupre, to the hospital were illegal and has asked the NFL to review them.

Both Dupre and cornerback Damarious Randall remained in the concussion protocol on Friday, the Packers coach said. Dupre spent Thursday night in the hospital after he was taken off the field on a gurney following a hard hit by Philadelphia Eagles safety Tre Sullivan at the end of a 3-yard catch in the fourth quarter of the preseason opener at Lambeau Field.

Earlier, Randall got drilled from behind by Eagles receiver Bryce Treggs at the end of a 3-yard run by LeGarrette Blount.

Neither player was penalized during the game but could be subject to fines after the league reviews the film.

"They're definitely both plays we turned into the league," McCarthy said. "That's a process that you go through each and every game. So I'm sure we'll get an evaluation from the league on that with the emphasis [on player safety]. Obviously those two hits fit in that category.

"We all watch the same videos. There's emphasis each and every year about how can we make the league better. Obviously, player safety is at the forefront of that, and when you see things like those two hits last night, they're definitely of concern in the area of player safety.

You don't want to see your players ever get injured, specifically if it's not within the climate of what the league's looking for as far as the proper way to block or so forth."

When asked specifically if he felt they were illegal hits, McCarthy said: "If I turned them into the league, I don't think they're legal hits."

Dupre was released from the hospital Friday after he spent the night for observation and tests. Before the game ended, the Packers announced that Dupre had feeling and movement in all of his extremities. Dupre was down on the field for several minutes. Most players from both teams dropped to a knee while medical personnel attended to him.

On Friday afternoon, his brother Matt (who also serves as one of his agents) told ESPN.com that "Malachi is doing very well. He went through normal medical protocol to ensure he did not have any extensive injuries to his head and neck. He had a few scans and tests and everything came back negative and he was released this morning."

Dupre was not available for comment on Friday because he's in the concussion protocol, but several teammates said the seventh-round pick from LSU attended meetings at Lambeau Field in the afternoon.

"It was great to see Malachi back here," said rookie receiver DeAngelo Yancey, who is Dupre's training camp roommate. "It was like he didn't even get hit yesterday. But yeah, that was a crazy hit.

"As soon as he got here, he was telling me the last thing he remembered and about how he was in the hospital. But he was fine and full of joy like he always is, so that's good to see he's all right."

McCarthy said backup offensive lineman Don Barclay's ankle injury was not as serious as originally feared, although Barclay's right foot was in a boot Friday. Barclay could not finish the game against the Eagles. Tight end Richard Rodgers, who did not play Thursday because of a finger injury he sustained in practice earlier in the week, may have to try to play with a cast or splint if he plays at all the rest of the preseason.