Meet our Titans redesign contest winners

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Tennessee Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk has announced that the team will have new uniforms in 2018. In her words, the upcoming changes are "not minor."

The new uniforms won't be unveiled until sometime next year (the 2018 NFL draft is a good possibility). But we don't have to wait that long to re-imagine the Titans' look, so we recently put out the call for Uni Watch readers to submit their best Titans redesign concepts.

Interestingly, this was one of the most sedate batches of submissions we've received in all the years that we've been running these contests. Some teams seem to inspire people to create really visionary designs; the Titans don't appear to be one of those teams.

That said, some of the submissions we received were very good. Here are the best ones (for each image, you can click on the design to see a larger version of it).

Best overall design: Alex Rocklein

Sometimes less is more. Alex Rocklein's design accomplishes a lot by simplifying the helmet logo, adding an angled line of color to separate the shoulder yoke from the rest of the jersey (a really good element that works well on all three jerseys), and using an extended version of the shape of Tennessee for the pant leg graphic. The state shape is also used to good effect in the secondary logo. This isn't the radical redesign that some fans probably want, and it might be time for this team to go with a dark helmet instead of white, but the Titans could still do a lot worse than to go with a design like this.

Best pyromaniacal design: Gene Sanny

The Titans' current helmet logo is often ridiculed as being a "flaming thumbtack." Gene Sanny's design solves that problem by eliminating the thumbtack and leaving the flames, which lick their way up the sides of the helmet (with bonus flames on the sleeves and pant legs). It doesn't have much connection to the team name "Titans," but it does feel like an intriguingly plausible evolutionary step from the team's current helmet design. Interesting!

Best simple tweak: Jon Nguyen

For nearly 20 years now, the Titans have had a contrast-colored shoulder yoke, which has never looked particularly good. Jon Nguyen's concept eliminates the yoke and instead uses contrast-colored sleeves, which works surprisingly well, especially with his simple but effective sleeve logo. He's also improved the helmet's flaming thumbtack by removing the flames. Not bad.

Best homage to an NBA team: Chris Giorgio

The two shades of blue with gold trim, the inlined typography, the side piping on the pants -- does that remind you of anyone? It should, because this concept is an unmistakable shoutout to another Tennessee team, the NBA's Memphis Grizzlies. Chris Giorgio says he was also trying to evoke the NHL's Nashville Predators, although that doesn't come through as clearly in the design. Still, it's an interesting approach, and a pretty handsome uniform set to boot.

Best gladiator's helmet: Diego Menocal

Several contestants gave the Titans a new logo based on a knight's or gladiator's helmet. This a pretty tired sports design trope (think Michigan State, San Jose State, the NHL's new Vegas Golden Knights, and so on), but Diego Menocal put a fresh spin on it by incorporating an echo of the team's current "T" logo into the helmet design. Clever!

Want to see more? You can see all of the design submissions we received here.

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