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Rams' Cody Davis never heard back from Redskins' Terrelle Pryor

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THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Los Angeles Rams safety Cody Davis sent Terrelle Pryor a direct message and wished him the best following the Washington Redskins receiver's critical tweet, but never heard back.

Pryor, 28, took to Twitter last week to call out Davis for a hit he believed was too low during Washington's 27-20 win over the Rams on Sept. 17.

Davis chose to reply with a private message, rather than put it out there for all Twitter users to see.

"He has his right to his opinion and emotion," Davis said of Pryor after Monday's practice. "I think it was a clean play."

During the play, which occurred near the midway point of the fourth quarter, Pryor ran a shallow cross and was brought to the ground after Davis drove his left shoulder to the area around Pryor's right knee. Pryor acknowledged in his tweet that it was "not a dirty play," but added, "We all want success. Try to hit a little higher and not take out knees in future. Thank you."

Davis, who doesn't know Pryor personally, believes the issue "could've been handled differently."

"He could've found me after the game or direct messaged me or something," Davis said. "I don't know if he had a complaint against the NFL about how the rules are written or just trying to drag me into a spectacle, but I respect him and respect his opinion. It's football. We're going to go out there and play. I wasn't intending anything dirty."

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