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Meet the Sydney superfan following the Dolphins around the globe

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If Rory Fagan said he'd circle the globe to watch his favorite NFL team, he wouldn't be exaggerating.

The Sydney resident, who grew up in London, is heading into the final leg of a three-game, two-country, 24,000-mile journey to see his beloved Miami Dolphins.

His first destination was Los Angeles for a win over the Chargers two weeks ago, then he followed the Dolphins to the East Coast for last week's loss to the New York JetsĀ at Metlife Stadium. Next Fagan crossed the Atlantic Ocean to London, where he'll watch Miami take on the New Orleans Saints at Wembley Stadium on Sunday before he returns to Australia.

"When I looked at the schedule this April, I was incredibly happy," Fagan said. "L.A., New York and London are great holiday destinations, and the fans make it a memorable experience at the games, and I immediately knew I wanted to make this trip happen."

He organized this vacation -- his sixth to follow the Fins -- along with other members of a Sydney fan club called Porpoises with a Purpose.

Fagan, 45, first latched onto the Dolphins as a 16-year-old in 1988, when they practiced for a week in London and played a preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers at Wembley. Fans were able to interact with the teams after the game, and he met two of the Dolphins' greatest figures, quarterback Dan Marino and coach Don Shula.

"I've watched them train, win and now I've talked to the players. I like this team. I am a proper fan now," he thought to himself at the time.

When the well-traveled Fagan isn't watching the Dolphins play live, he catches them on TV if possible, wherever he happens to be. He has watched them play from 12 different time zones, including at midnight in Thailand, 3 a.m. in Mongolia and 5 a.m. in Sydney. He even has a Vespa that has been hand-painted with the Dolphins logo.

"Rory has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Dolphins and their history and he is consistent in showing his love for the team. That's what makes him special," said Lisa Peacock, Fagan's sister-in-law who lives in London. "He would make for a great NFL publicist."

For Sunday's game, he's sharing the experience with Peacock's sons -- ages 13 and 16 -- in the hope that they'll become Dolphins fans.

Fagan and his wife own a childcare business in Sydney and work as a team, giving him the flexibility to travel regularly.

"My idea with these global trips is it is custom-made to suit your interests, and you go home with some best memories," Fagan said. "You can't buy these trips from a travel agency."

Fagan's fanhood hasn't been diminished by the Dolphins' lack of success -- just two playoff berths in the past 15 seasons -- and he hasn't given up hope that they can return to the glory years of Marino and Shula.

"I have never seen the Dolphins in the playoffs, not once," he said. "If I could see the Dolphins win a Super Bowl in their own stadium in Miami [site of Super Bowl LIV in February 2020], I would be a very happy man."

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