Complaint against Cowboys' attitude toward anthem dropped by labor union

FRISCO, Texas -- Local 100 of the United Labor Unions has withdrawn its complaint to the National Labor Relations Board against the Dallas Cowboys.

In a news release, Local 100 said it dropped the complaint after a meeting between NFL owners and players last week that focused more on social reform than demonstrations during the national anthem. Before that meeting, Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones had said players on his team would be benched if they "disrespected the flag" during the anthem.

Defensive end David Irving has raised a fist at the close of the anthem in each of the past two games. Defensive end Damontre Moore, who had raised a fist at the end of the anthem as well, was cut this week, but coach Jason Garrett said the move had nothing to do with his actions after the anthem.

"If Jerry Jones threatens or disciplines any players of the Dallas Cowboys despite the clear position of the NFL and others, we will immediately refile these charges with the NLRB and pursue them to their conclusion," Local 100 chief organizer Wade Rathke said in the release.

"We are hopeful that Jones has learned that there are legal limits that guide his treatment of his workforce and rights that cannot be abridged, regardless of his own personal opinion. We will continue to monitor this closely. We hope a lesson was learned, and that we had some small impact on this debate, and the actions of the NFL doing the right thing."

Earlier on Friday, Jones reiterated to 105.3 The Fan in Dallas his belief that "we have a fan base that unquestionably, without even blinking, wants and expects us to stand for the anthem. That's just what it is."

"I think what we have is certainly a consensus that we sure want ... our players, and for that matter any other constituency that's part of the National Football League, to be able to express themselves, but just not at the anthem," Jones said in his first public comments concerning last week's owners meetings.