Players seek mediation with NFL; Colin Kaepernick would attend

What is Kaepernick's endgame? (1:06)

Jim Trotter explains why Colin Kaepernick is facing an uphill battle in filing a grievance against NFL owners. (1:06)

NFL players who have been protesting social issues during the national anthem have requested a formal mediation session with the league, and quarterback Colin Kaepernick has agreed to attend the meeting.

The NFL has yet to agree to the session, but one has been requested by the players for the week of Nov. 13, sources told ESPN.

At such a session, the players would get to address social justice and civil rights issues that have fueled the players' protests. The players also want to address the issues surrounding Kaepernick, and why he has been unable to gain employment back in the NFL.

The players invited Kaepernick, who agreed to attend the session as a sign of respect to the players' efforts and beliefs. The idea for the mediation came out of messages players sent to NFL executive Troy Vincent. Informal meetings had been held last month between the league and members of the NFL Players Association to discuss player protests. The thought was that since those meetings had not brought a resolution, the players should try a formal mediation.

A formal mediation meeting is not binding, but could be overseen by a retired judge, a respected lawyer or someone with extensive legal credentials.