John Dorsey thinks Hue Jackson will be Browns' coach next season

New general manager John Dorsey expects and is planning for Hue Jackson to be coaching the Cleveland Browns in 2018, Dorsey said on a radio interview in Cleveland on Tuesday.

"Hue and I have a really good relationship," Dorsey said on 92.3 The Fan. "First off, I think ownership has said that Hue would be back. With that, I'm excited to work with with him here. I've been really impressed with how Hue messages to the player. I've always thought that head coaches should be leaders of men, and when I watch [Jackson] talk to the team and how hard guys play for him, that's exciting.

"Then we've sat down in the past -- I'm not sure how long I've been here -- but we've had great conversations, and part of those conversations has been about how to build that strategic plan for the 2018 season as well."

Speculation about Jackson increases every time the Browns add to their loss total in an 0-14 season. Jackson is 1-29 in Cleveland, but Dorsey was not buying in to the external speculation and chatter that Jackson would not be back.

"I think ownership has already spoken on that question," Dorsey said, twice, when asked about Jackson's future.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam said the day Dorsey was hired that Jackson will be back in '18 and hopefully for years after. Haslam put together the new structure with Dorsey and Jackson believing the two can and will work well together. Jackson and Dorsey have echoed the feeling.

Dorsey also said he erred a week ago when he told reporters that the previous regime led by Sashi Brown did not get "real players" for Jackson.

"Listen, you guys are professional wordsmiths," Dorsey said. "I am not a professional wordsmith. I'm a football guy. My intent was to say we don't have enough good football players. There's some good football players on this team.

"Are there some good young football players on this team? You bet there are. And you know what, we're going to get some more football players, and we're going to get some Ws, too."

Dorsey said he does not want to be the guy who takes shots at previous regimes. "I think Sashi is a good person," he said.

Among other topics Dorsey touched on:

Josh Gordon's talent means the Browns will be committed to him. "As long as he is committed to the Cleveland Browns, I will tell you the Cleveland Browns are committed to him, not only to be a good football player but to be a good man off the field," Dorsey said.

• It is "imperative" that DeShone Kizer start the final two games, he said.

• Dorsey has studied the quarterbacks in the draft and talked with the Browns' area scouts about the upcoming draft class. "The cupboard's not bare in this class," he said.

• He has discussed how analytics fit in football with director of strategy Paul DePodesta but said that he believes that in the NFL it should be 85 percent Atlanta Braves (scouting) and 15 percent Oakland A's (analytics). He said he believes there can be a place for analytics "if it's used right."