Joe Thomas 'excited' by Browns' moves, won't let trades affect retirement call

Joe Thomas is more than excited about the flurry of moves made by the Cleveland Browns over the past two days, but he said that won't affect his decision on whether to play in 2018 or retire.

"My decision will be based purely on my health," Thomas said Saturday in an e-mail. "But I'm excited by the moves [general manager] John [Dorsey] made."

Thomas referred to trades that brought quarterback Tyrod Taylor, receiver Jarvis Landry and cornerback Damarious Randall to Cleveland and sent quarterback DeShone Kizer to Green Bay and defensive lineman Danny Shelton to New England.

He declined to go into further detail, as he was preparing for his brother's wedding Saturday night, but he said he'd be commenting more on the "ThomaHawk Show," his podcast via Uninterrupted.com with former Browns receiver Andrew Hawkins.

When previously assessing his future options, Thomas had said his decision would come down to three factors: Does he still love the game? Can he play at a high level? And is he healthy enough?

About a month ago, Thomas said the rehab for the torn triceps tendon that ended his 2016 season and his consecutive snap streak at 10,363 was going well.

In January, Thomas told WKYC-Channel 3 in Cleveland that he feels he's still playing at a high level and he loves the game. But he has struggled with knee and shoulder issues during the past few years to the point that he only practices one day per week.

"In my mind now, it's going to come down to, 'Do I feel like health-wise I can survive another NFL season'?" he told WKYC.

Thomas commented on the Browns' recent moves on the podcast with Hawkins. The pair called it an "Emergency ThomaHawk," due to all the Browns moves.

Thomas seemed most pleased about the addition of Taylor at quarterback. On a previous edition of the podcast, he had said Taylor was his favorite QB on the market.

"Obviously, his ability to make plays with his feet -- not only running, but also moving around when something breaks down and throwing the ball down the field -- I think is going to be a huge asset for a team that has a lot of young talent but is starting to add some of these other positions. I think he's a great fit," Thomas said.

On the acquisition of Landry, Thomas said: "This is really going to be one of the feathers in the cap of the offseason that John Dorsey's having so far. To be able to acquire the top receiver who could be out there and available -- and I think he did it for a fourth-round pick this year and they're giving him like a seventh-round pick in 2019 -- this is peanuts, baby."

Hawkins said no receiver in the NFL plays as hard as Landry.

Thomas called the trade for Randall "fantastic" and said it would be good for Kizer to go to Green Bay.

"I really think Kizer has a future in this league, but he needs some time to learn and grow," Thomas said. "The situation in Green Bay is going to be so much better than it is if he would've stayed in Cleveland. For Kizer, this is a great trade. For the Browns, it's a great trade."

Hawkins and Thomas both said that Shelton would be a better fit in the 3-4 defense with New England than in Gregg Williams' 4-3 defense in Cleveland.