Dawn Hudson, Tod Leiweke step down as NFL CMO, COO

In one week, the NFL lost its chief operating officer and its chief marketing officer.

On Friday, Dawn Hudson told the Wall Street Journal she was stepping down as the NFL's chief marketing officer. The move comes days after chief operating officer Tod Leiweke did the same.

Hudson, who was hired in Sept. 2014, told the Wall Street Journal she agreed to do the job for a finite amount of time. She said the league's hiring of Maryann Turcke, who became the chief digital officer and then was moved to COO to replace Leiweke, made it seem like the right time.

"Dawn provided refreshing insights and perspectives on how to portray our game, players and the special bond fans have with the NFL," the league said in a statement. "The league's multi-platform campaigns have further deepened the connection with fans throughout the year, culminating with exciting and engaging Super Bowl messages."

Commercials that revolved around people having babies nine months after their Super Bowl victories were widely acclaimed, but the image of the league -- with constant crises from the National Anthem issue to declining ratings -- didn't necessarily improve.

Sources said Turcke's rise suggests the league will hire someone to speak more to younger audiences.

The two executive departures follow two additional senior communications executives, Joe Lockhart and Natalie Ravitz, who left last month.