Raiders' Bruce Irvin seemingly looks forward to on-field meeting with Broncos' Marquette King

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Oakland Raiders linebacker Bruce Irvin seemed to issue more of a promise than a threat to former teammate Marquette King on Twitter on Tuesday, potentially setting himself up for a fine and possibly a suspension.

In a series of tweets during the second day of Oakland's offseason training program, Irvin first posted that he "asked to play punt return today against Denver."

Irvin was evidently implying that if he is on the Raiders' punt return team, he would go after King. The punter was released by Oakland on March 30 and then signed with the archrival Denver Broncos six days later.

Tweeting that he had fine money ready for whatever he plans to do to King will not be looked upon favorably by the NFL, hence the potential for a suspension for premeditation.

Irvin also tweeted on the day King signed with Denver.

King responded by posting a link to the video of Drake's song "God's Plan." King, though, has yet to respond to Tuesday's tweets.

The 6-foot, 195-pound King has 172,000 Twitter followers. The 6-3, 250-pound Irvin 306,000.

The Raiders had no comment on Irvin's claims that he will be on the punt return team or on the social media beef, which apparently stems from the Pro Bowl in 2017.

It was there where King posed for a picture with Aqib Talib, re-enacting Talib snatching Michael Crabtree's gold chain during the 2016 season. (Talib did it again in 2017, starting a Broncos-Raiders brawl that resulted in one-game suspensions for both players.)

King posted the picture on social media and it raised hackles in the Raiders locker room. King deleted the photo upon the request of a high-profile teammate, but screen shots are forever.

As are, apparently, feelings in certain corners of Oakland's locker room about King and his outsized social media presence.