Hue Jackson says Baker Mayfield 'exceeding' all expectations in camp

BEREA, Ohio -- On the fourth day of Cleveland Browns training camp, rookie Baker Mayfield gave his coach reason for praise.

"Baker Mayfield has been everything I thought a quarterback should be for our organization thus far," coach Hue Jackson said Sunday after an impressive day of practice from the first overall pick in the draft. "He's doing the things that we want him to do the way we want him to do it, and he's exceeding those things. Because he's putting in the time. He doesn't have a pride or [arrogance] any kind of way.

"His thing is, 'You guys tell me what you want me to do, and I'm going to do it.' That's what he's done since he's walked in the building. To me that's exciting. That's a player that's eager to learn, and grow."

Jackson has been known to gush at times about his players -- he did some of the same a year ago with then-rookie QB DeShone Kizer -- but Mayfield's play justifies the words. He has earned the praise with his demeanor, approach and work operating as the backup behind Tyrod Taylor.

He's shown he has picked up the offense quickly, and he has an understanding of the system. He has a strong arm, he's been accurate and he gets rid of the ball quickly.

On one throw in team drills on Sunday, Mayfield threw behind the ear of a defender and into the hands of Rashard Higgins on a deep in. The ball was one of several placed perfectly in team drills.

"To me it was outstanding," Jackson said. "Those kind of things that he's doing along with staying in the pocket ... I think he's seeing the offense unfold a little better because I think he understands the system better.

"I think he's making really good progress, which you want to see from a quarterback."

Taylor remains the starter, though the Browns and Jackson have made it clear if Mayfield earns the job they will not hold him back. Taylor also had a good day throwing the ball on Sunday, and Mayfield's next step will be playing against NFL competition in preseason games. That will be a quantum leap from practicing against teammates.

Jackson said Taylor and Mayfield have "an unbelievable bond." The two spend long hours at the facility (along with veteran Drew Stanton), and their relationship seems solid based on the pair's willingness to put in the time.

"I think there's trust, I think there's honesty and transparency among that group," Jackson said. "They've done a great job. And when you're the first pick in the draft and you walk in, normally like you [see] some guys walk in with their chest out and it's me, me, me.

"[Mayfield's] not about that."