Ravens' Eric Weddle calls Panthers QB Cam Newton a 'fast dinosaur'

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is often referred to as "Superman" because of his touchdown celebrations. The Baltimore Ravens described him in more prehistoric terms heading into Sunday's game.

"He's a fast dinosaur, muscular and big and runs people over," Ravens safety Eric Weddle said Wednesday. "He's a very unique quarterback in this league. He's the only one really like him."

What kind of dinosaur?

"What's the one with the horns and charges?" Weddle asked.

A reporter said triceratops.

"Yes, that one just bowls people over," Weddle said.

Newton is the only quarterback in NFL history to record six seasons of at least 3,000 yards passing and 500 yards rushing. He joined Michael Vick as the only quarterbacks to run for at least 700 yards in three NFL seasons.

This isn't the first time that Newton has been called a dinosaur. Trooper Taylor, a former assistant at Auburn, used to call him that.

"I always asked him, 'Why do you call me a dinosaur?'" Newton said. "He said, 'Your talent is extinct. They don't make them like you no more.' I always laughed, but if you look around this league, and I've tried to warn a lot of people prior, too, but it's not cocky, it's not confidence, it's just self-belief in yourself, knowing that the talents that you possess, a lot of people can't say that they have."

The main topic of conversation among Ravens defenders was going against Newton and the challenge of getting a 6-foot-5, 245-pound quarterback to the ground.

The Ravens have allowed six runs of 10 yards or more to quarterbacks this season. Baltimore has given up the 13th-most rushing yards to quarterbacks this season.

"Superman ... how often do you get to play against a superhero?" said linebacker Terrell Suggs, who has a half-sack in his only game against Newton. "His nickname speaks for itself. He's definitely going to be difficult to bring down. Hopefully, neither one of us will have to do it by ourselves."

Newton currently ranks 14th in passer rating (94.7) and leads all quarterbacks with 257 yards rushing.

Ravens safety Tony Jefferson has faced Newton three times while with the Arizona Cardinals, including twice in the postseason. Newton won all three games, throwing for four touchdowns and running for two.

"I've gotten to see the best of him," Jefferson said. "It's never really easy going against a quarterback like that who can make all the throws."

ESPN Panthers reporter David Newton contributed to this article.