Report: Donovan McNabb deal for 1 year

A lasting mystery of the Donovan McNabb trade has finally been solved.

As part of the deal, the Minnesota Vikings renegotiated McNabb's contract into a one-year deal worth $5.05 million, according to 1500 ESPN Twin Cities radio in Minnesota.

McNabb has $2.2 million in incentives available to him, bringing the maximum possible value to $7.25 million.

The value of McNabb's deal reflects two realities: Few teams were clamoring for his services and the Vikings already have his successor, rookie Christian Ponder, on the roster.

The deal, essentially the minimum value for a veteran quarterback who might start in 2011, makes McNabb one of the NFL's lowest-paid established quarterbacks, roughly equal to the one-year, $5 million contract Alex Smith signed this summer with the San Francisco 49ers.

It's also less than a third of what the Vikings paid former starter Brett Favre last season. Favre earned $16 million in 2010 and $13 million in 2009.

Kevin Seifert covers the NFC North for ESPN.com.